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How does the Ranking System work?

New Zealand Rankings Welcome

Welcome to the New FeNZ Ranking System

What's new in this release?

  1. Rankings can be generated for Open, Under 20, Under 17 and Under 15 age groups. This has necessitated some changes to the competitions that can be included in each category. Only "Open" events will now be included in the Open rankings. For the other categories you can include competitions from above but not below eg Under 17 rankings include results from Open, Under 20 and Under 17 competitions but not Under 15.

  2. An extended personal profile so you can view career best, career worst and national titles as far back as 1974. You need to be logged in to see this.

Known issues

Some tournament results may not be included.
If you find an example of this please send me the full results so that I can update the database.

Some fencers may not have been included in age group rankings
This will generally be because they are not recorded as affiliated or because their date of birth is not on record - in either case forward me the data and you will be included forthwith.


Please report any problems with the rankings to Kyle Macdonald:


  • If you know some php programming and would be willing to help fix up some bugs, then please contact me
  • Lots more and if you have any ideas of things you would like to see send us some feedback.

The Ranking System Explained

Except where specified, the points awarded for a competition are the number of points awarded for winning an event (referred to hereafter as MaxPts).
Points awarded for the other places in the competition are determined by the formula:

points = (1 + (MaxPts -1)*(1-log(place)/log(number of entries))).

Events with >= 16 entries will have MaxPts for the competition.
Events with < 16 entries will have proportionally less MaxPts for the competition.
Events with < 8 entries will only receive 50% of MaxPts for the competition.

The North Island, South Island, President's Cup and all age Group National events will have fixed MaxPts, as stated below, regardless of how many fencers have entered.
This is to encourage fencers to travel to those events.

In all cases the FeNZ reserves the right to increase or decrease the points awarded for any event with an unexpectedly strong or weak field or that has special significance for some reason.

Open Individual Ranking Competitions

120 All other FeNZ sanctioned Open events
160 Regional Champs
220 North & South Island Champs, President's Cup
250 NZ Champs
300 AFF #1,2,3
350 Aust. Champs
450 Commonwealth (+)
FIE Pts x 100 World Cup, Grand Prix & World Championship Competitions
FIE Pts x 100 x 75% Continental World Cup & Satellite Competitions (*)
If the FIE awards no points for a result (e.g. incomplete tableau or low numbers), then FeNZ will award no points

(*)Continental World Cup means World Cup Competitions outside Europe
(+) MaxPts for Commonwealth, European & Asian competitions could be varied based on the strength of the field based on FIE points of top fencers

Junior, U23 & Veteran Individual Ranking Competitions

MaxPts U20, U23, Vet events
100 All other FeNZ sanctioned Open events
120 Regional Champs
140 NZ Champs
180 NZ & Oceanea Zone Champs
180 Aust. Champs
350 Commonwealth (+)

FIE Pts - same rule as senior

Cadet Individual Ranking Competitions

MaxPts U17 events
80 All other FeNZ sanctioned Open events
100 Regional Champs
120 NZ Champs
160 NZ & Oceanea Zone Champs
160 Aust. Champs

U15 Individual Ranking Competitions

MaxPts U15 events
60 All other FeNZ sanctioned Open events
80 Regional Champs
100 NZ Champs
140 NZ & Oceanea Zone Champs
140 Aust. Champs

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