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2004-11-22 14:06 - Summer Training - Sydney
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Australia)
AustraliaNSWFA U/20 Pre-Competition & Senior Training and Junior & Adult Development Camps, Sydeny, 4th - 18th January 2005. Interested members may request application forms from Fencing New Zealand ... more details below
The NSWFA will be conducting comprehensive training & development camps from 4th to 18th January 2005.  The main features of these camps are as follows:

 Involvement of an Olympic Coach and a team of 4 foil fencers from Guangzhou, China in addition to our own top level coaches;

 Programs for all standards from Under 13 and adult novices to Senior A grade fencers;

 Special focus for those participating in the U/20 Australian Championships in Melbourne in late January 2005.


There will be 5 programs offered depending on the skill & experience of the fencers.  All 3 weapons will be featured for those intending to participate in the U/20 Nationals and for the junior development camp.  Programs will be as follows:

High standard Under 20 & any Senior A/B grade who wish to participate     8 full days, and 2 optional half days, of intensive training
All other junior fencers     5 days of development training

Under 13     5 half days of development training, foil only

Adult Novices/B grade of all ages    2 weekend days of development training, foil only

High Standard adult A grade     2 weekend days of intensive training, foil only
All programs will involve the team from Guangzhou.

Each participating fencer will get an individual lesson on each day of attendance.  The Chinese coach will be involved in group and individual lessons.

Some evening sessions may be provided for fencers not able to attend during the day.


These camps will be subsidised.  Consequently entry costs will be kept to a minimum.

At this stage charges are expected to be as follows; these may change as the number of participants becomes clearer:

Under 20 & Senior A grade        $320 for full time or $45 per day.

Junior Development             $200 for full time or $45 per day.

Under 13                 $150 for full time or $ 35 per half day.

Adult Novice/B grade            $90 for full time or $50 per day.

Adult A Grade             $90 for full-time or $50 per day

Other Features

The program will include top coaches from NSW and be held at the Anne Clark Netball Centre in Lidcombe (25 kms from the Sydney CBD).

Junior fencers including under 13s will be provided with equipment free of charge.

A special discount will apply where more than one family member attends.

All training & development program will be fully integrated with the Chinese fencers.  This will also involve bouting and mini-competitions involving the Chinese fencers.

The Under 20 program will be paced to suit the needs of those entering the U/20 Australian Championships.


This program has been designed with all levels of fencer in mind…’s a quality event which should not be missed.

The programs will be carefully tailored to the experience of participants to ensure that, from the highest levels through to beginners and juniors, all fencers will gain maximum benefit.

The involvement of the Chinese coach & fencers will give all levels of fencer the enormous benefit of getting first hand experience of how training & development is performed in China, and of being involved.

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