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2006-10-06 20:23 - NZ Team 2006 World Chapionships
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (International)
InternationalNews from Turin on how the fencers went and what happend from Dave Barson

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things are definately going well now thingsd are up and running and everyone has an idea of what is going on. There were some very stressful moments early on in the piste, with Jared Rock and Kyle arriving late (and Kyle losing his gear at Gatwick), but we managed to sort everything out after a bit of wheeling and dealing. Have certainly learned a lot about what we have to do for the next time Insisting on people turning up at least 2 dys before they are sue to fence would be a good start . . .

The foilsts have fenced well on the whole and managed to step up from the commonwealths and comport themselves creditibly. All of them managed victories in the pools, Lydia made the cut to fence off for a place in the 64, but lost her DE. Fi nearly won against Louise Helene Bouchard, which would have given her the second victory she needed to make the cut and Monique missed out by 2 indicator points. Their final placings were Lydia 67, Monique 70 and Fi 78 out of a field of 89. I'm about to post some results on the FenZ forum if I don't get kicked out of here when it closes at 10.

Men's epee was a mixed bag - Jared pulled out all the stops in his pool with four victories. Rock and Andreas managed one victory apiece, and Kyle in borrowed and new gear had no victories. Jared then lost his DE against Meijas from venezuela who went on to the 32. The rest of the epee event was insane - 12 of the 16 exempt fencers were eliminated in the 64 or 32!

Womens epee results have not yet been finalised as the final has just finished this evening, all our fencers were out yesterday, Kathleen being cut after the pools and jess and jenny being knocked out in their first DEs.

Nonetheless, everyone here has been thriving in the environment presented, and those I was able to round up and drag along to the opening ceremeony were amazed at the rock star like reception and unbridled adulation of the crowd-lined streets as they paraded into the Piazza where the ceremony was held. Lavish doesn't begin to do it justice. Fi was even mobbed by a bunch of school kids after her autograph when they realised she was a fencer!

Tomorrow the NZ men's epee team has to fence Romania in the teams tableau of 64 - that's right folks TEAMS round of 64. It boggles the mind. On thursday, The foil team has drawn Hong Kong to fence off for a place in the 16.

Have to go now - they're kicking me out after all


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