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2006-05-19 19:00 - Diary - Laura Harvey - International Training Camp, Fontenbleau, France
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZWeek 3: 20th - 26th May

The last week was a bit more relaxed. Spent a bit of time doing team matches, mostly because everyone enjoys them so much, rather than for practice with them. Also we did some exercises that were less structured, like having someone stand on the end of the piste and an opponent attack them. Basically with both people able to do what they liked to try to score a point. We went to Racing Club again to practice there but this time there weren't very many people there, not sure why. Kuki had different people take turns at leading the footwork which was interesting to see. Good because now I have a whole selction of bizarre new leading and following exercises to take back and torture the school kids with. Yes aucklanders, if you're reading this I mean you! Its good to do more exercises that require you to concentrate really hard on the person leading them.

As our coach said, it was really the first time for all of us to be able to be somewhere where all we had to do was eat and sleep and train, and a really good experience to be able to put training before other things. Most of the time we're at home we're not able to concentrate only on fencing because things like finding some money and studying tend to get in the way. Unless we live in Russia. But none of us did.

There is an article about the training camps in the latest escrime magazine, I think. From what I have gathered they are planning to run a lot more of them (depending on finances), which sounds like an excellent idea to me.

Thanks to FeNZ for giving me the opportunity to attend and of course to the FIE for their generousity. It was an excellent experience and I hope I have been able to take as much from it as possible.

PS Daniel Levavasseur says hi to Martin and Kate.

Results of Budapest (27/05/06) 97th/97

Up dated diary 2nd June 2006  ---- Previous entry --------> click more
Week 2: 13th - 19th May
The training is progressing well. On some evenings, instead of our usual freeplay sessions we are going into Paris to fence at the Racing Club with other fencers. When I was there earlier there weren't so many fencers but there are heaps more now. Must have just been a strange week. So it's good to be able to spend some evenings working on the skills we'd been practicing in the mornings and trying to make them work in a real situation. Nine different fencers suddenly doesn't seem like very many when you are training with them twice a day.

Our coach seems to have themes going with what he is teaching us, which is nice. He freely admits that of course we can't cover everything in three weeks but I think the idea is that we can extend  the sort of things we are covering to work with different strokes. At least, that's what I think he was saying, his English isn't perfect. We have a lot of focus on changes of tempo and small movements (both foot- and bladework). This stuff is comfortingly just like home for me, which is nice since it's really the only thing around that's just like home.

Results of Leipzig 100th/100

8th - 12th May Week 1
The internet here is sadly super expensive so I will not be able to send updates every day. However I'm sure you'll all be pleased to  note that there wasn't a bizarre organizational mix-up and that there is indeed a training camp, in Fontainebleau, and I am at it.

Although about an hour ago the hotel staff tried to tell me that the guy who had just arrived from China would be sharing my room, something of a mix up as I am already sharing with a Thai girl and there are only two beds.

Training started on Tuesday with running and footwork for the morning session. In the afternoon session we all went into groups with our coaches as we will continue to do for the rest of the camp. There are nine of us doing foil. We then did exercises with a  partner while the foil coach Petru Kuki gave individual lessons.

The format of the rest of the camp will be like this, we are told, except that we will have the exercises in the morning and do sparring in the afternoons. The sessions are usually around 2.5 hours each, which is enough time to get thoroughly tired although not too bored.

The timing is constrained by the fact that we have to get to the mess hall on time for lunch and dinner else we have to wait in a line with the French army recruits. The facilities we are using are in the military base, where Bruno Royer, my coach in Paris, tells me he did his compulsory year of service.

For our warm up in the mornings M. Kuki is having one of us lead the group every day, in this way we will get to pick up on any interesting exercises that people do in other countries.

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