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2003-07-16 01:14 - Oceanic Zone report.
Posted by adminmore from same (Oceania Zone)
 Report by Helen Smith, President of the Oceania Zone Confederation, from the FIE EXCOM meeting in Lausanne 10 & 11 May 2003
Report to AFF Executive & FeNZ

FIE EXCOM Meeting in Lausanne 10 & 11 May 2003.
This was  the first FIE Executive meeting that I have attended in my capacity as Oceania Fencing Confederation President.
Most of the meeting was spent discussing and referring on to the appropriate commissions the many proposals received by the FIE for consideration by the Congress later this year.
The following points are also worthy of note:
1. The subsidy of U$3000 to the OFC for attendance at EXCOM meetings & administration was approved for payment as a result of the presentation of the draft OFC Constitution. The amount has since been paid into the AFF account.
2. Peter Osvath has been selected by the FIE Refereeing Commission as a referee for the 2003 World Championships In Havana. Peter will be the sole referee to be invited from Oceania Zone.
3. FIE licences purchased before 30 September 2003 will cost 30CHF. After that date they will cost 35CHF. It would be worth purchasing some before 30 Sept.
4. The FIE Medical Commission report recommends that fencers do not fence more than 2 age groups up ie cadets may fence as seniors, but under 15 fencers may not fence any higher than juniors.
The FIE /WADA Anti Doping Agreement for out of competition testing was supported.

The commission decided to recommend that alcohol, cannabis & beta blockers be removed from the prohibited substance list for fencing as they are not considered to be performance enhancing. Alcohol & cannabis should be dealt with as Code of Conduct issue.
The commission plans to investigate what the anti-doping standards for Ueterans' events are in other sports. The strict application of the rules may be problematic for some veterans. Many IFs regard doping control as unnecessary for veterans. The commission recommends either no testing or testing only for stimulants & anabolic agents.
5. In the 2003-4 season, all Grand Prix will be GP Arbitres. This means that the entry fees are higher, but a set number of referees are allocated by the EXCOM upon the recommendation of the Refereeing Commission & paid for by the organising country. Referees must also be provided for all World Cup Team events & entry fees have been significantly increased.
Mr Roch has agreed to provide some financial assistance to AUS for our event, given the added expense we face to bring referees to Sydney. It has also been generally agreed that referees from countries in proximity to AUS will be nominated.
The main motivation behind this change is to try to provide the best standard of referring in this OG qualification period.
6. World Veterans' Champs will be held in Austria in 2004 from 3 to 6 September.
7. The FIE now has 112 member countries with the acceptance of Congo & Guinea as affiliates.
8. The University Games in Daegu, Korea may be postponed till later in the year due to the SARS situation. TBA
9. Qatar wishes to hold the FIE Congress in 2005 & the Worlds in 2007.
10. Russia is interested in holding the Worlds in 2006 in St Petersburg.
11. Equipment aid
SIN will receive 2 Allstar boxes, KAZ will get 3 pistes for East Asian Champs.
OFC should investigate opportunities for funding for equipment.
12. World Cup organisers should not accept entries from fencers who do not have an FIE licence. Next year's edition of En Garde will only allow names to be entered if fencers have licence numbers.
13. The African Confederation President asked that the FIE pay the cost of all confederation presidents' attendance at the next congress (90th anniversary). Roch agreed to this I'll believe it when I see it.
14. The next Congress will vote on proposal to introduce mixed teams for Junior & Cadet Worlds. The IOC is adamant that there should be no discrimination against women & sports are to increase representation of women. However, Arab countries cannot accept mixed teams.
15. The Olympic program will be reviewed next in 2005. There is an absolute necessity to maintain & increase the universality of fencing.

Lausanne 24 & 25 May
1. The first day was spent working through the proposals referred by EXCOM to the Rules Cssn. They were discussed & debated, agreed to, amended or not recommended for adoption.
2. The Ad Hoc Commission set up to investigate the proposed changes to foil & sabre has not yet presented its report
It will meet in Havana to finalise its recommendations after discussing them with members of the Athletes' Commission. Members of the Rules Commission are also invited to attend.
After some urging, it appears that the report will then be circulated to federations for their consideration. A presentation will be given at the Congress where the proposals will be voted on.
3. A large proportion of the second day was spent discussing the pro's & con's of a proposed revised version of the Rule Book drafted by Arthur Cramer (Refereeing Commission & EXCOM).

The Commission now has the task of reworking the draft to retain what are improvements, simplify the proposed very complicated numbering system, correct his poor French & check the text for technical accuracy.

Helen Smith
President - Oceania Fencing Confederation & Australian Fencing Federation
May, 2003

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