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2006-02-04 02:58 - Big Week-end On The Piste Results as they come to hand
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZDunedin - Masters Games fencing for the veterans
Paris - J Beer World Cup Women's Epee - results available
Coruna (Spain) A Kell, S Paterson World Cup Men's Foil results available
Berlin - Seino Jongkees the International Men's Epee "WeisserBaer"  results available
Orleans (France) - Katherine Taylor Women's World Cup Sabre "Trophée BNP-Parisbas d'Orleans" - results available

Best wishes from all of us.

Results as they come to hand . . . . . . Click More - - - - - - >

Last Update 07/02/06 at 17:00
Waiser Baer Berlin, Seino Jongkees 166th/195, Henry Thomson 142nd/195 ... Henry was there, fencng for SC Berlin.

Katherine Taylor -  99th/100 - Women's WC Sabre "Trophée BNP-Parisbas d'Orleans"

Men's Foil WC Cuidad  A Coruna - Andrew Kell  84th/96, Sandy Patterson 93rd/96 - in Adrew's words:
Sandy and I have just come back from the competition in La Coruña, and had a great time. Unfortunately we both were eliminated in the poule round, but it was an exhilarating experience. I had a 5-1 victory in my poule but was bested in the rest. I had the opportunity for a second victory against Cherubino, a Spaniard from the national team, but he pipped me 5-4....particularly frustrating since I had been winning 3-0. You should have heard the Spanish coach screaming at him during the was all pretty exciting. The fencing in the DE of 64 was incredible, but unfortunately we had to leave before the semi-finals, so I'm not sure who won, but my money is on the young German Kleibrink who took apart the Olympic champion Guyart 15-3 in the 8. The other 3 fencers were Lei, Coutant, and the American, Dupree, who I had had in my poule.

Undeterred, Sandy and I have decided we would like to take advantage of being on this side of the world, and fence in the Coupe Ville de Venise on 10-11 Feb.

Jessica Beer Women's Epee St Maur:
Full results and photos - at (nice site!)
Summary: At the end of the first round of poules Jessica Beer was placed mid field with 3 victories, 3 defeats, 22 hits given, 22 its received and was 67th qualifier for the incomplete DE tableau of 128.

In the DE Jessica was eliminated 13-15 by 93rd qualifier from the poules Zhang Li of China. Jessica Beer’s final placing was 97th out of 146 fencers. The event was won by Sherraine MacKay (Canada) 15-14 from Imke Duplitzer (Germany).

2006-02-10 18:52 - Kerryn
To see the master results:

And photos:

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