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2018-03-30 10:35 - Epee Level 1 Coaching Course
Posted by adminmore from same (Oceania Zone)
 It has been confirmed that Oceania Development Officer Leon Thomas will be running a two weekend epee coaching course in Auckland on consecutive weekends on 27th - 29th April and 4th - 6th May.

The two weekends will cover the Level One Technical Courses which are part of Fencing New Zealand's new coach accreditation scheme. Level One has two technical components: the first, Group coaching skills covers general class management, planning and delivery of fencing basics in group lessons; the second Individual Lesson (Epee) teaches weapon-specific technical skills required in giving individual lessons to athletes. These courses are usually taught as separate events, but for this course are being combined so that all elements of Level One Technical coaching will be covered. Each component (Group and Individual) concludes with a practical assessment where you will be able to demonstrate your practical coaching skills.

There are a maximum of 14 places available and I am now looking to create a register of interested individuals. Given the limited places available, once we have your expression of interest, we will be calling for more formal applications for final places on the course.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from Leon and to gain the necessary experience to kick start your formal learning.  Leon is a well-respected Aussie (we don't hold that against him) who has spent the last couple of year starting up new coaching federations around Oceania.  He has run previous foil and epee coaching courses around NZ.

The course will be held over two weekends, starting at 6pm on the Fridays and finishing at 5pm on Sundays.
The course will educate you on how to be a better coach and remind you of the skills you need for your own fencing.

Epee has grown great strides in Auckland in recent years with both Kyle & Mary having benefited from intensive coaching courses. There are now a growing number of opportunities to further grow the number of epee fencers with the view of gaining paid casual work for qualified coaches.  This has already happened at Auckland Swords.

It is expected that there will be a small cost for this education course, and I'm sorry we don't have those details at the moment, but I thought it best to get the information out there, given the short time frames.  We have some funding available and we will let you know full costs as soon as we have worked them out, as we are exploring other opportunities.

I am coordinating billeting for those out of town participants that may include coach candidates from other Oceanic regions.  If you need or can offer billeting then please include in your registration of interest.

Please register at

Kyle Macdonald

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