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2017-12-16 15:02 - FIE Coach Training Course
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (International)
InternationalFeNZ has just received notification that the FIE will be running a 4-month coach training course in Budapest from 31 January 2018 through to 31 May 2018.

The course will accommodate a total of 24 students (8 per weapon), and FeNZ is able to nominate one person to apply.
In addition to coach education and practice, some classes in psychology, physiology and biomechanics will be given at the University of Budapest.

At the end of the programme, an examination will take place and give, if the participant is successful, an FIE-recognised diploma.

To be eligible for the Budapest Academy, the FIE stipulates that applicants must meet the following requirements:

- Be 20 years old at least
- Have experience coaching fencing and giving lessons for 7 years at least
- Hold an FIE licence
- Have a certified qualification level in a weapon (FIE or national licence)
- Commit to being a fencing coach in his/her country for 2 years after graduating from the Budapest Academy
- Speak and understand English or French
- Be in good physical health

The FIE provides accommodation and meals, but no travel costs are covered.

In the first instance, candidates for selection need to provide (cc: ) with the following documents by 5 January 2018:
- A statement of intent to apply and in which weapon
- A copy of coaching CV
- A brief outline of coaching plans to implement in NZ in the 2 years after the course.

Upon initial selection by FeNZ, the successful candidate's application will be forwarded to the FIE for their consideration, and the candidate will need to supply:

- A copy of their passport
- A recent color photo
- A copy of their coaching diploma
- A copy of a doctor’s certificate proving the candidate is in good health
- A short biography of the candidate (with his/her experience in which weapon, name and location of the club and name of their coach). This can be incorporated into the coaching CV document

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