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2017-09-22 22:46 - Epee Coaching Course - Melbourne
Posted by kylemore from same (Australia)
AustraliaWe've just received late notification of this Epee coaching course in Melbourne.
There are currently no details as to the number of NZ coaches that can be taken.
Due to the short timescales it has been agreed that applicants should apply directly as per details below.

Further details include:
AFF are aiming to pitch the coaching course at an advanced a level as possible so that we can maximise the benefit from Maître Levavasseur's knowledge and experience - effectively, this means coaching fencers to succeed on the international stage.
This will to some extent be dependent on the background of the  coaches participating in the course. Encouragingly, we have already received expressions of interest from a number of Australia's more experienced coaches.

We are also fortunate that Maître Levavasseur will be accompanied to Australia by Sarra Besbes, former World No.1 in Women's Epee, who will act as a French/English translator.

We welcome applications from New Zealand coaches.

Dear OFC members,

The AFF is delighted to announce that we will be running a high level epee coaching course in November 2017. This course is being offered as part of the IOC's Olympic Solidarity program.

The course will be delivered by Maître Daniel Levavasseur, world renowned expert and coach of multiple Olympic and World Championships medalists over several decades.

The course will be run at the State Fencing Centre in Melbourne, Victoria from 14 to 20 November 2017.

The course is free of charge and a travel and accommodation subsidy will be provided to selected participants. While the amount of the subsidy will depend on applications received, it is expected to be in the region of $750.

Coaches who wish to attend the course are requested to email by 30 September 2017, providing a short summary of their coaching experience and qualifications.

Depending on demand, places in the course may be limited. Applicants will be advised of the outcome approximately one week after the closing date.

We would be grateful if you could promote the course to coaches in your countries.

Kind regards

Evelyn Halls
Australian Fencing Federation

2017-09-24 20:01 - kyle
Please cc: applications  to

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