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2016-06-20 22:06 - New FeNZ Board Member required
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZThe FeNZ Board needs a new member to build our compliment back up to the eight people required. This position has become available through changes at Fencing Central.

This time we are looking for a Board member who can represent our Fencing Youth. So we are looking for an active fencer who is between the ages of 18 and 24 years and who is prepared to step up to actively represent our various youth groups around the county at the National level.

We are seeking applications from fencers in that age group. Whilst this is not a formally elected position (i.e. FeNZ can simply appoint) we are going to make this a formal evaluation based on your submission.
If you are interested in applying then we require a 400 word (max) application setting out why you think you should be chosen as the Youth Rep Board Member. We are keen to understand how you would view the role of Youth representative, what ideas you have for ensuring the fencing youth are properly represented, any ideas you have for improving fencing at the Youth levels in line with our 2020 Strategy, and any special skills you would bring to the role as a full Board member.

This position would be for an initial term of 2 years.

Applications should be in written form (word doc etc.) but you may support your application with other media forms if you think this might assist your selection. Your application should be forwarded to the Secretary General of FeNZ ( by no later than 31st July 2016. Once we have shortlisted potential candidates we may seek an interview with you.

The FeNZ Board will announce its selection by 31st August and it would be expected the successful new Board member would be required attend Board meetings (by Skype) from the October 2016 meeting (normally first Sunday in month)

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