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2012-02-13 19:56 - 2012 Dunedin Masters Games - Fencing
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZThe 2012 Dunedin Masters Games was a fencing treat, a festival for all the twenty plus enthusiasts of the noble art and sport. Fencers from all over NZ were represented; Auckland Hamilton, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown ...  Absolutely, positively, fantastic; fun and a good rollicking time was had by all. From the first nervous tension, there was excitement, passion, fun and laughter all the way to the après fencing events. Simply, it was memorable.

For more details, a word from our Organisor Vanda Symon with results and link to photos Click Here
Thanks to our hosts Fencing South and the new Claymore Swords venue was lovely.

Special thanks to Vanda Symon for organizing us all. The referees Michael Amyes, Dave Barson, Fiona McDonald and Barry Dorking did a superb job and a big thanks to our young corner judges.

Thank you to all the participants for attending and special mention for Douglas Williamson (86) and Ted Nye (85) for stepping out on to the piste. Finally thank you to the Angelo family who seemed to be everywhere, whole families supporting the event with such passion and enthusiasm.

Dave Barson provided the traditional Sabrage de Champagne and if you have not seen this traditional  ritual, suffice to say it is a spectacular way to celebrate the event.

Auckland's North Shore club Salle Jean Louise’s fencer Douglas Williamson, aged 86, showed the way, competing on every day and was joined  for the Visual (Classic) Foil by Dunedin’s own doyen of fencing Ted Nye (aged 85). They joined for a special moment, with both gentlemen participating together in the final Sabrage de Champagne.

In summary a glorious competition, with many high lights. For example in the Visual (Classic) Foil the grace and charm of our glory days was brought alive with Ian Clarke and also Martin Brill  crossing blades and fencing gracefully with their Classic Foils mounted with the traditional butterfly guards.

Vanda Symon, Organisor, 2012 Masters Games - Fencing
Thank you for coming to the Masters Games Fencing tournament and making it the fun and exciting event it was. We will keep you up to date with any veterans fencing tournaments that come up in the future.

For some photographs taken by Derek Gunn at the Visual (Classic) Foil on Monday Click Here

I will also send out some more photographs during the coming week.

Below are the results from the Masters Games Fencing tournament:

Saturday 4 Feb Electric Foil

Women’s Foil:

1: Fiona McDonald
2: Kate Brill
3= Simone Marshall
3= Vanda Symon

Men’s Foil:
1: Gareth Foley
2: Brian Ellis
3: Mike Angelo

Women’s Foil Age groups winners:
30-39 Simone Marshall
40-49 Fiona McDonald
50-59 Kate Brill

Men’s Foil Age Groups Winners:
40-49 Gareth Foley
50-59 Iain Clark
60-69 Brian Ellis
80-89 Douglas Williamson

Sunday 5 Feb Epee

Overall Mixed Electric Epee:

1: Martin Brill
2: Quin Downs
3= Kate Brill
3= Gareth Foley

Mixed Age Group Winners:
40-49 Gareth Foley
50-59 Martin Brill
60-69 Quin Downs
80-89 Douglas Williamson

Monday 6 Feb

Mixed Visual Foil:

1: Martin Brill
2: Brian Ellis
3: Mike Angelo
4: Vanda Symon
5: Simone Marshall
6: Iain Clark

Mixed Visual Foil Age Group Winners:
30-39 Simone Marshall
40-49 Mike Angelo
50-59 Martin Brill
60-69 Brian Ellis
80-89 Ted Nye

Visual Sabre:
1: Brian Ellis
2: Mike Angelo
3: Ted Nye

Visual Sabre Age Group Winners:
40-49 Mike Angelo
50-59 David Sim
60-69 Brian Ellis
80-89 Ted Nye


Vanda Symon

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