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2011-07-24 22:30 - NZ Junior Championships 23-24 July, Christchurch
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZCongratulations to our 2011 Junior Champions:
Mens Epee: Jurgens van Zyl (Gulf Harbour Fencing Club)
Womens Epee: Wai Ling Chan (The Fencing Institute)
Mens Foil: Hamish Chan (New Zealand Academy Fencing Club)
Womens Foil: Wai Ling Chan (The Fencing Institute)
Womens Sabre: Katie Logan (New Zealand Academy Fencing Club)
Men’s Sabre: Not contested due insufficient entries

Well done to all medalists and finalists and also to all the participants for making the event so special. From the “get-go” of the very first round it looked like being a tough event and sure enough there were lots of closely fought bouts.

“This was an exciting event and a thrilling Championship” said Ken Claridge, President of Fencing New Zealand.

A big thank you to our Tournament Controllers Brett Davis and Carla Campbell, Organisor Marguerite De Abaffy, all the referees and event assistants, and especially Carol McCance and Susie Messent for keeping the kitchen cooking.

For Final Placings Click Here

For "fantastic fotos" from each day Click Here
Mens Epee:
1 Jurgens van Zyl
2 Alex Chan
3= Oliver Agnew
3= Daniel Kahu
5 Felix Boyce
6 Julius Herzhoff
7 Sheldon Ogilvie
8 Ben Wilkins
9 Bevan Dobbs
10 Isaac Officer
11 Gideon van Zyl
12 Alexander Kuch
13 Lucian Nightingale
14 Alex Thomas
15 Min Hong
16 Simon Fisher.

Womens Epee:
1 Wai Ling Chan
2  Stephanie Alexander
3= Carla Campbell
3= Hannah Ramsay
5 Jazmin Hopper
6 Lydia Whittington

8 Melissa Burgess
9 Katie Boyer
10 Sasha Green

Men’s Sabre:
Not held due insufficient entries.

Womens Sabre:
1 Katie Logan
2  Hannah Ramsay
3= Carla Campbell
3= Sasha Green
5 Gwen Smart
6 Rachel Mercer

Mens Foil:
1  Hamish Chan
2  Daniel Kahu
3=  Maxime Rolland
3= Jurgens van Zyl
5  Clovis Dyson
6  Harry Forrester
7  Julius Herzhoff
8  Daniel Garelja
9  Felix Boyce
10  Finn Butler
11  Michael Claydon
12  Gideon van Zyl
13  Jon Krebs
14  Oliver Agnew
15  Ben Wilkins
16  Simon Fisher
17  Foley-Walker
18  Lucian Nightingale
19  Alex Thomas
20  Ben Krebs
21  Joon Hong
22  Min Hong
23  Sheldon Ogilvie
24  Jonathan Brill
25  Jack Ledbrook.

Womens Foil:
1  Wai Ling Chan
2  Grace Christie
3= Stephanie Alexander
3= Stephanie Wyllie
5  Jazmin Hopper
6  Olive Butler
7  Melissa Burgess
8  Sasha Green
9  Alice Boyd
10  Rachel Mercer
11 Kate Boyer

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