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2010-05-05 01:08 - AGM Elections FeNZ New Executive
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZA new FeNZ executive was elected. Ken Claridge (FeNZ President) and  Fiona McDonald (General Secretary), have now fully assumed the roles of Association's Officers. There were no nominations for Treasurer to replace the retiring Mark Booth.

To contact Ken Claridge or Fiona McDonald use the FeNZ email address: or

The retired President Susan Grant-Taylor will assist the Management Committee as the Immediate Past President. Retired Secretary, Laura Harvey, will remain on the Management Committee as Fencing North's President and representative.

The other members of the Management Committee are the regional representatives ( Presidents); Fencing Central, Vicci Lamb; Fencing Mid-South, Luke Robertson; Fencing South, Gareth Foley.

Retired Mid-South President, Keith Mann, and the previous Immediate Past President Martin Brill were thanked for their contributions over the years  to the Management Committee. Susan Grant-Taylor, Laura Harvey and Mark Booth were also thanked for  their contribution and leadership of FeNZ in the roles of Association's Officers.

Also elected were three selectors; Wayne Cui, Mark Rance and Gareth Foley.

Ken Claridge - a brief bio, click here
Ken Claridge brief bio:

My interest in being the President of FeNZ is because I see the sport is really great and has really great  members. Though  I am not a fencer, I do feel the sport should get the promotion and full recognition it deserves.

The importance of excellence and the pursuit of challenging, diverse sports in New Zealand are essential to the development of our country. Fencing, although small numbers in this country, has a large following throughout the world and helping to get our contribution recognised is one of the keys to its success.

My background is in the business arena, mainly in sales and general management of large IT and Telecommunications companies both here and in the UK.  I have enjoyed a career characterised by leading change and service through people in very competitive markets.  I have experienced personal and corporate success and setback.

Overall, I have learned that there are many ways of achieving success.  Awareness, authenticity, sound confidence and enthusiasm are critical.

Open Communication is essential to the success of any enterprise.

I have helped people in a wide range of businesses and organisations to empower themselves and others to achieve sustained top performance and I hope to continue that work with Fencing New Zealand.

In my spare time I work with the Mary Potter Hospice as a biographer, I have some interest in oenology having spent October 94 - February 95 in Bordeaux, France at Chateau Carbonneau, cooking, dabbling in start-up companies and Spanish intermittently, TEFL, antique glass, reading, the arts and travel.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can.

Ken Claridge
FeNZ President
April 2010

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