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2010-02-10 20:44 - Results 2010 Marathon Fleuret, Paris
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZThe 2010 Marathon Fleuret had an impressive total of 835 foilists competing from 30+ countries, 890 entered - 55 no-shows,  in the menís and womenís cadet and minimes events (Menís Cadet 206, Womenís Cadet 84, Menís Minimes 363, Womenís Minimes 182 - note  Minimes = born 1995-1996, age group below is Benjamin = born 1997-1998).

Congratulations on the participation of our fencers in the Men's Minime Foil, Felix Boyce (1995) and Clovis Dyson (1996):

Felix Boyce Clovs Dyson

Felix Boyce and Clovis Dyson

Felix Boyce placed 153rd, seeded 134th in to the DE of 256. He was eliminated by 123rd seed Floris Abrams of Belgium. Clovis Dyson, eliminated after the 2nd round of pools, placed 258th and was just 2 places of making the DE of 256 fencers. Medalists: 1st Alessandro Bertolazzi (ITA), 2nd Adras Nemeth (HUN), 3rd= Romain Minaro (FRA) and Niels Acuti (FRA). 12 year old SHIKINO Takahiro of Japan produced an impressive performance placing 14th, as perhaps the highest placed young fencer in the Minimes Menís Foil field. Another outstanding performance came in the Menís Cadet event. Only 3 countries had fencers in the top 20. The USA cadet team took the first six places over all the highly rated European nations. USA had 7 cadet fencers in the top 10 and 9 in the top 20. France had 7cadets  in the top 20 and Japan had 4. With the World Cadet Championships about 7 weeks away, watch this space. The future power centres for world youth fencing is being strongly signaled here and moving out of Europe.

For full results click here.

Click on the + sign of ďChallenge CEP - Marathon fleuret 2010Ē to see all the events then select the event  you wish to see the results for.

For more on our fencers click here.
Felix Boyce

Round 1 Pools Ė Felix Boyce; 2 victories, 3 defeats:
V (5) : (4) D DAHLIN Kolja (DEN)
D (2) : (5) V NAVAS Miguel (BEL)
D (3) : (5) V TALLEUX Maxime (FRA)
Withdrawn ECHEVARD Thomas (FRA)
V (4) : (3) D LARROQUE Axel (FRA)
D (3) : (5) V RODRIGUEZ Thomas (FRA)

Round 2 Pools - Felix Boyce; 5 victories, 1 defeat
D (2) : (5) V POIRIER Romain (FRA)
V (5) : (4) D BATAILLE Nicolas (FRA)
V (3) : (1) D GRYBOWSKY Pierre (FRA)
V (5) : (4) D BREUSE Jules (FRA)
V (5) : (4) D RITOUX Nicolas (FRA)
V (5) : (4) D ELICE Meddy

Direct Elimination:
BOYCE Felix, D (5) : (10) V ABRAMS Floris (BEL)

Eliminated Direct Elimination: Final Placing 153rd

Clovs Dyson

Round 1 Pools - Clovis Dyson; 4 victories, 2 defeats:
V (5) : (0) D RAUSCHENBACH Fabian (GER)
V (5) : (4) D VALTRIANI Matteo (ITA)
V (5) : (4) D MADER Dylan (FRA)
D (4) : (5) V AKNINE Benjamin (FRA)
V (5) : (4) D VENTURI Raffaele
D (3) : (5) V CHASTANET Maximilien (FRA)

Round 2 Pools - Clovis Dyson 2 victories, 4 defeats:
V (5) : (4) D RECEVEUR Thomas (FRA)
D (0) : (5) V LAVIOLETTE Gil Andre (FRA)
V (5) : (2) D LECRUBIER Nicolas (FRA)
D (1) : (5) V LLOYD Alexander (GBR)
D (3) : (5) V GOLBY Thomas (GBR)
D (0) : (5) V KONGSTAD Conrad (DEN)

Eliminated after Round 2: Final Placing 258th

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