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2009-07-12 16:07 - 2009 Australian Under 15 Championships
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Australia)
AustraliaCongratulations to all our fencers who competed in the 2009 Australian Under 15 Championships in Brisbane for the individual and teams events. And especially to the fine effort of our finalists:

Under 15 Men’s Foil: 6th Haz FORRESTER (WLG), 7th Clovis DYSON (AKL)

Under 15 Women’s Foil: 7th Wai Ling CHAN

Under 15 Foil Teams: Men’s Foil: New Zealand 3rd (Felix Boyce, Clovis Dyson, Haz Forrester, Julius Herzhoff)
Women’s Foil: New Zealand 3rd (Olive Butler, Wai Ling Chan, Charlotte Forrester, Hanah Ramsay)

Under 15 Men’s Epee: 5th Felix Boyce, 6th Julius Herzhoff

Under 15 Women’s Epee: 5th Hannah Ramsay

Full results from "ausfencingevents" click here

Summary and Score Sheet Stories of NZ fencers click here
Summary of New Zealand results and the Score Sheet Stories below:

Under 15 Men’s Foil – 28 fencers

7th Clovis DYSON (AKL)
10th Julius HERZHOFF (CHC)
11th Felix BOYCE (WLG)
16th Yi Kwok LEE (AKL)
21st Simon FISHER (WLG)

Under 15 Men’s Foil Teams – 5 teams:
3rd New Zealand

Under 15 Women’s Foil – 26 fencers:
7th Wai Ling CHAN
11th Hannah RAMSAY
12th Stephanie ALEXANDER
14th Olive BUTLER  Olive
15th Melissa BURGESS
20th Charlotte FORRESTER

Under 15 Women’s Foil Teams – 5 teams:
3rd New Zealand

Under 15 Men’s Epee – 11 fencers:
5th Felix BOYCE
6th Julius HERZHOFF
9th Kwok Yi LEE

Under 15 Women’s Epee –  8 fencers:
5th Hannah RAMSAY

Score Sheet Stories - Under 15 Individual Men’s Foil:
In pool 1, Clovis Dyson showed his potential top 8 finalist form winning 5 out of six bouts for an indicator of +12. Also in the pool was Simon Fisher who took one victory.

In pool 2, Julius Herzhoff took four victories out of six. In the same pool was NZ compatriot Yi Kwok Lee with one victory.

In Pool 3, Haz Forrester went well, also showing his final 8 potential by making five victories from six bouts for an indicator of +17

In Pool 4 Felix  Boyce won four out of six bouts for a par indicator of 0, the same number of hits scored as received.

DE Top 32:
In a very closely fought bout, Kwok Yi Lee and Simon Fisher both defied the odds by taking their more highly seeded adversaries right the to the edge. At the end of time, 20th seed Simon Fisher lost 12-13, by just one hit, to 13th seed Benjamin Richardson NSW,  having very narrowly  missed out on the last sixteen.

(13) Benjamin Richardson  (NSW) b (20) Simon Fisher 13-12. Simon Fisher’s final placing 21st.

After a tentative start in the pools, Kwok Yi Lee, seeded 21st found his metal, dug in and came through with a fantastic effort, to produce the big upset match in the DE 32. Not only did he take his much higher ranked Australian fencer to the edge, 12th seed Declan Allen WA, but dispatched Allen with a 15-13 victory.

All the other New Zealand fencers fought well, cleanly dispatching their Australian counter parts, most notably being Haz Forrester (15-2) and Clovis Dyson (15-4).
(11) Felix Boyce (NZL) b (22) Lachlan Humphery (NSW) 10-7
(6) Haz Forrester (NZL) b (27) Jack Vandenbosch (VIC) 15-2
(7) Clovis Dyson (NZL) b (26) PhillipTodd (QLD) 15-4
(10) Julius Herzhoff (NZL) b (23) Courtenay Hobbs (WA) 15-11

DE Top 16:
21st seeded Kwok Yi Lee, fresh from slaying the 12th seed, now drew 5th seed Patrick Daley (NSW). Daley proved just far too strong and took the victory 15-3.

The vagaries of direct elimination can occasionally throw an unfortunate curved ball, with fencers from the same country or club having to meet on the piste in sudden death. The curved ball was thrown and Haz Forrester and Felix Boyce drew each other. Only one could pass, but at least is would be a New Zealander through to the final 8. It was Haz Forrester who won through, 15-2. Felix Boyce final placing 11th.

And while everyone was still holding their breath another curved ball was thrown. Clovis Dyson and Julius Herzhoff also drew each other in a fratricide bout  for the DE last 8. With no quarter being asked or given, Julius Herzhoff put up a very determined effort but it was Clovis Dyson who won 15-11 and through to the DE final 8. Julius Herzhoff final placing 10th.

DE 8:
For the quarter finals, 7th seed Clovis Dyson drew 2nd seed Lucas Webber (VIC). Clovis fought well, scoring 7 hits, but Lucas was clearly the stronger fencer and destined for the semi final. Lucas Webber won 15-7. Clovis Dyson final placing 7th.

Haz Forrester drew the 3rd seed and was beaten 2-15 by TC Reynolds, who was having a dream day and who was the eventual winner and Champion of the 2009 AUtralian Under 15 Men’s Foil Championships. Haz Forrester final placing 6th

Score Sheet Stories - Under 15 Individual Women’s Foil:
Pool 1, Stephanie Alexander and Olive Butler had to fence each other for their first bout and Stephanie took the victory 4-2. Olive and Stephanie were otherwise equal, but with and Stephanie Alexander finishing with 3 victories and 2 Olive from six bouts each.

Pool 2, Another sororicide pool with Hannah Ramsay and Melissa Burgess having to fence eachother in their their first bouts. Hannah won and took four victories in the pool and Melissa managed to collect one Australian scalp.

Pool 3, with just 6 fencers, had Wai Ling Chan by herself, taking four victories out of a possible 5. With just one defeat it put Wai Ling in the pPotential top 8 final category.

Pool 4, With the abandon of Kitty Simpson (QLD) the pool of six effectively became a pool of 5 and an organiser’s nightmare. Thank you for computers and the superb efforts of Alex Donaldson, the “Event Oganisation Maister”. Unperturbed by events, Carlotte Forrester fenced well and took a very good 5-0 victory.

DE 32 (incomplete):
Wai Ling Chan was rewarded for her strong pool performance with a 7th place seeding a bye in the incomplete DE tableau 32, with her first bout to be in the DE 16.

After an abandonment and the disruption of her pool Charlotte Forrester was seeded 18th into the DE and confronted 15th seed Rosa Dyson from Victoria. A close bout with traffic going both ways, but it was the Victorian, Rosa Dyson, who was able to dominate sufficiently to take the victory 15-11. Charlotte Forrester final placing 20th

However furter down in the DE tableau it was 21st seed Melissa Burgess who was to be the star of  the DE 32. Taking a leaf from Kwok Yi Lee’s book, Melissa took the fight to 12th seed Sarah Mulher (WA). She took her chances and triumphed. She kept the pressure on. Melissa’s courage was rewarded with a 15-10 upset victory and a place in the DE 16.

Other New Zealanders winning their DE 32 were:
(16) Olive Butler (NZL) b (17) Rebecca Wall (QLD) 15-11
(13) Stephanie Alexander (NZL) b (20)Sarah Clarke (QLD) 14-13
(10) Hannah Ramsay (NZL) b (23) Rose Crawford (QLD) 15-5

16th seed Olive Butler’s next challenge was the number 1 seed, Lisan Sung (NSW). Lisan Sung and the eventual bronze medalist, dominated the bout in every area and took the victory 15-2. Oliver Butler final placing 14th.

21st seed Melissa Burgess having pushed the 12th seed aside now confronted 5th seed Imogen Brush (NSW). Brush having been for warned did not take Melissa so lightly. Imogen was completely attentive, minimizing her errors to maximise her opportunities, taking the victory 15-4. This was courageous effort from Melissa, for having taken the opportunities that presented themselves. Melissa Burgess final placing 15th.

13th seed Stephanie Alexander took on 4th seed Ania Kardas (VIC), Ania had a bye in the DE 32 and clearly had her sights on the medals. Ania minimised her errors, fencing very cleanly, almost clinical, to take the victory from Stephanie 15-2. Ania would go on win the gold and the Australian 2009 Under 15 Women’s Foil Championship. Stephanie Alexander final placing  12th

7th seed Wai Ling Chan’s first bout was in the DE of 16, having had a bye. In the DE 16 she received the curved ball in the DE 16, drawing 10th seed Hannah Ramsay for another sister vs sister bout. Even though they are training partners, frequent opponents and know eachother well, the bout was cautious. Wai Ling Chan dominated but clearly treated Hannah with respect and showed good skill, in minimizing her errors and reducing the opportunities for Hannah to score. The clock counted down and the bout went to time with Wai Ling Chan taking the victory 10-3 and went through to the DE Final 8. Hannah Ramsay final placing 11th.

DE Final 8:
Wai Ling Chan, our National Under 15 Champion aged just 13, confronted 15th seed Rosa Dyson, Victoria. Wai Ling had already fenced Rosa in the pools, winning 5-4. So it was to be potentially a close bout. However, never be fooled by the seedings. Rosa Dyson was on a mission.

A quick look at the pool results shows Rosa Dyson loosing her first two bouts and three of her bouts the score went to 4-4, the sign of a fencer who was perhaps not properly warmed up or who was being too tentative. The performance at that point was clearly an under performance. The Wai Ling Chan vs Rosa Dyson would show this.

In the moment of sudden death, all or nothing, Rosa Dyson was galvanized. Wai Ling Chan looked for solutions, a way though, but could not find any chinks. This was not a continuation of the previous bout. This was whole new bout with a medal at stake. Rosa was motivated, able to focus and dominate. Rosa was scoring at a rate of nearly three hits to one. Wai Ling sensibly took her time, but as the seconds passed and still not having found a way through, the clock became Wai Ling’s enemy, winding down and taking Rosa Dyson closer to her victory of 13-5. Rosa Dyson continued her winning way in the semi final bout and then won the silver medal. Wai Ling Chan final placing 7th.

Score Sheet Stories - Under 15 Individual Men’s Epee:
Pool 1, five fencers, with Julius Herzhoff and Kwok Yi Lee having to fence first off first. Julius won and both went on to win against the same opponents. Julius Herzhoff ended the pool with three victories and Kwok Yi Lee two victories.

Pool 2, Felix Boyce was top of his pool of six fencers with 4 victories, beating out Jackson Heilber by one hit, even though Jackson had beaten Felix 5-4.

DE 16 (incomplete):
Kwok Yi Lee was seeded 6th and had to fence the 11th seeded Arden Baker who Kwok Yi Lee had already beaten in the pool round 5-3. As always, respect the under dog. Arden Baker, having failed to perform in pools was ready to redeem himself in the all or nothing direct elimination. The Arden Baker that stepped on to the piste was not about to let history repeat itself. What a change of fortunes. Kwok Yi Lee’s dominating scoring rate of the pool was completely reversed. Lee was just not able to find an answer soon enough. Arden extended his lead to finally take the bout 15-9.

Felix Boyce was seeded 2 and Julius Herzoff seeded 4th. Both with potential medals and both received a bye into the DE Final 8. So being warmed up and ready was going to be a key.

DE Final 8:
4th seed Julius Herzhoff drew 5th seed Roy Groncki (VIC). Being closely seeded this was always promising to be a close bout. Consequently, the skill of minimizing errors and maximizing opportunities is always going to be important. However, in these instances often self belief, courage, patience and tenacity also play big roles. Especially when the score is even and the fencers are level pegging, as they did. Julius Herzhoff fought hard to gain the advantage and get ahead. But Roy Groncki was determined and held his nerves to score the vital hits to maintain the slimmest of leads even with time remaining on the clock Roy Groncki continued to and held his nerve to take the victory by the closest of margins 15-14. Julius Herzhoff final placing 6th.

2nd seed Felix Boyce, a clear favourite drew 7th seed Henry Mayall-Vandervelde (QLD). Felix Boyce had beaten Henry in the Pool 2-1 but no one had told Henry to give up. Irrespective of the seeding, when the referee says play and the clock ticks its first second down, at that moment both fencers have an equal chance and the winner will be the fencer who gives it their best and fences the best. Henry clearly had more to say for himself and imposed himself he did. Taking a lead felx found it difficult and could not bring it back Henry Mayall-Vandervelde took the victory 15-9. Felix Boyce final placing.

Score Sheet Stories - Under 15 Individual Women’s Epee:
With  eight fencers a pool unique was fenced, with Hannah Ramsay the only New Zealand representative in this event. Hannah won 3 out of seven bouts and was seeded 5th for the DE Final of 8 and drew 5th seed Brittany d'Argaville (VIC). Hannah had lost to Brittany 5-3 in the pool and clearly wanted to avenge the defeat. Pressing well, Hannah was able to score hits at a better rate  than in the pool, but but was not able to match the ability of Brittany who took the victory 15-13. A valiant effort from Hannah Ramsay final placing 5th.

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