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2009-04-25 09:49 - NZ Under 15 Championships (foil only)
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZThe finals were a triumph for the youngest at Dunedinís Queens High School.

For more on the Under 15 Championships click here
The youngest entrant, 12 year old Wai Ling CHAN (Mid-South) of Christchurch dominated the Under 15 Womenís Foil, winning the  Gold medal. Hannah RAMSAY (Mid-South) also aged 12 from Christchurch won the Silver medal.

12 year old Clovis DYSON (North) of Auckland, the youngest in the Under 15 Menís Foil event, won the Gold medal. Haz FORRESTER (Central) of Wellington won the Silver medal.

The Plate event was won by  Louis RITCHY (South) of Dunedin with Neeraj PATEL (Mid-South) of Christchurch placing second.

Wai Ling Chan and Clovis DYSON began their final bouts strongly, the same way they intended to finish. Gareth Foley, Fencing New Zealand's Selector,  said, ďall the finalists really deserved their medals, it was a great display of their talent. We are proud of all their performancesĒ

Menís Foil:  1st Clovis DYSON, 2nd Haz FORRESTER, 3rd= Felix BOYCE, 3rd= Joon Daniel HONG

Womenís Foil: 1st Wai Ling CHAN, 2nd Hannah RAMSAY, 3rd= Olive BUTLER, 3rd= Charlotte FORRESTER

Excellent refereeing was provided by our Junior fencers, Michael AYMES, Chris BELL, Hamish CLARKE and Sally McCANCE.

The family friendly venue and seating, close around the competition pistes and a black curtained finalís piste with score and time repeaters at each end provided an exciting showcase of New Zealandís young fencing talent.

In all 26 fencers were entered, 19 menís foil and 8 in womenís foil.

2009-05-06 14:52 - Susan
Thanks to everyone in Fencing South for the work they put into the NZ Under-15 and Under-17 Championships.  They were a great experience for competitors, parents and everyone else who attended.  The set-up of the pistes and hall was fantastic and gave the event a real atmosphere.  People who spoke to me commented on how good the venue looked.  They appreciated that the timetable was so clear and everyone appreciated the presence of the well-dressed officials and the fantastic quality of the refereeing. 

It was great to see the Under-20 fencers taking such an active and effective role in the competition.  Chris, Hamish, Michael and Sally (alphabetical order of Christian names) are fantastic role models for the youngsters coming up behind them. 

My thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in the competition set-up and organisation, including the hall-setters-up, the gear-movers, food-stall operators, sweepers, other behind-the-scenes workers and the floor-controllers from both South and Mid-South, the weapons control staff, and of course, Daniel Chan for his armoury work for al those youngsters who needed help.

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