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2008-12-13 15:31 - Inter-city Under 13 Fencing Championship 2008
Posted by adminmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZInter-city Under 13 Fencing  Championship 2008
Hosted by Fencing Mid-South on 6 &  7th Dec 2008

There were 36 participants from Otago, Wellington and Canterbury region, from age 9 to 13.
Medalists ranking (ordered by ranking)

Age Under 9:
1st  Alex Long - Christchurch (Fencing Institute) 2nd  Nic Henderson - Wellington(Hutt Valley Fencing club) 3rd= Ben Carr - Otago 3rd= Guy Jones - Christchurch (United fencing Club)

Age Under 11:
1st  Min Hong - Christchurch (Fencing Institute) 2nd  Zach Shima - Wellington (TOA) 3rd=  Reuben Hilder - Otago 3rd= Kirsty Howlett - Otago

Age Under 13:
1st  Julius Herzhoff - Christchurch (Fencing Institute) 2nd Hannah Ramsay - Christchurch (United Fencing Club) 3rd= Joon Hong - Christchurch (Fencing Institute) 3rd= Jina Kim - Christchurch (Fencing Institute)
A brief report on the Inter City U-13 Fencing Training Camp & Championships 2008 by Ulrike Herzhoff

Three Christchurch boys have taken out top prizes at this year's U 13 Fencing Championships.  All three gold medal winners belong to the “The Fencing Institute” which over the past years put in a huge effort in training and improving the skills of young fencers.

The Canterbury “A Team” won the team event and the individual competitions were won by: Alex Long (Age under 9), Fencing Institute , Min Hong (Age under 11), Ilam and Julius Herzhoff (Age under13) Fencing Institute

The competition was held over two days at the Fencing Institute,  involving competitors from both the North and South Island.  The programme involved several activities, lead by representatives of “Fencing New Zealand” and experienced senior fencers, including members of the 2009 Junior (Under-20) Team.  Activities included: fencing related warm up games, footwork, fencing drills, individual and team  competitions.

While the emphasis was on the competition, there was also time for the participants to interact in a friendly match of “Laser Strike”

FeNZ President’s Comment
My thanks and congratulations to all who were involved in this exciting celebration of Under-13 fencing in New Zealand.  The registrations and the mask stickers, the sponsored t-shirts, the food and the sponsored Laser Strike games made this a very special event.  The games (led by Chris Bell a New Zealand Junior representative and a great role model for our youngsters), the warm-up and the fencing drills set a tone of fun. The official march-in of athletes and reading of the athlete promise indicated that we were in for a quality event.  The close-fought individual and team matches were reassuring in that we see a good standard of fencing in all regions.  Mid-South may have the edge on the other regions at present, but I am sure that the fencers from other regions will be inspired to train hard and try to score those last vital points in next year’s event.

My greatest thanks and congratulations are due to Daniel Chan of Mainland Fencing who not only did the preliminary planning and organisation for this competition but also sponsored the event and made available the prizes for it.  Thank you Daniel. 

Susan Grant-Taylor
President Fencing New Zealand 2008.

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