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2007-07-02 00:29 - Aust Cadet/U15 Champs Sydney results
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Australia)
AustraliaCongratulations to our medalists and finalists and thank you to all our competitors.

Full results can be found direct at

Click more for brief results of our fencers. Last updated 20:30 15/07/07

Cadet Men's Sabre with 24 fencers saw 4 New Zealanders reach the last 16 but unable to progress further; 11th Matt Stopforth, 12th William Cowper, 13th Ben Thorpe and 15th Hassan Kamel. Well done.

Congratulations to Cadet Men's Epee bronze medalist William Bishop and to compatriot Ben Thorpe (6th) who met in the last 8, quarter final bout.

Women's Epee best results from Sally McCance  (9th), Amy Silk (10th) and Katie Boyle (16th) who all made the last 16.

Results of the under 15 men's Epee - Congratulations to Alexander Chan for his Bronze medal, with other finalists Daniel Kahu 5th and Jackson Carter-Smith 7th.

Cadet Women's Foil Bronze medal goes to Amy Silk, in a large women's foil field of 47 fencers.  Well done to Sally McCance who just missed the last 16, placing 17th.

Cadet Women's Sabre Bronze medal was won by Katie Boyle. She was  accompanied in the final by a fine effort from Kim Evison 8th.

Cadet Men's Foil best results were Chris Callus 21st and Daniel Kahu close by placing 23rd. The Men's foil field was also large with 68 fencers.

Congratulations to our fencers competing at the Australia Under 15 and Cadet Championships in Sydney.

In the Under 15's congratulations to our finalists Katie Boyle for her 3rd place in women's epee and to Victoria Gee who also placed in the same final, 6th.

In the men's and women's foil Daniel Kahu (10th) and Katie Boyle (12th) respectively were the only fencers to reach the last 16.


Results 4th July

Cadet Men’s Sabre – 24 fencers
11th Matt Stopforth
12th William Cowper
13th Ben Thorpe
15th Hassan Kamel
20th Jackson Carter-Smith
21st Oliver Evison
24th Alexander Chan

Results From Tuesday 3 July

Cadet Men’s Epee – 42 fencers
3rd William Bishop
6th Ben Thorpe
10th Hassan Kamel
11th Sam Ramsay
27th William Cowper
31st Adrian Viegas
32nd Oliver Evison
33rd Alexander Chan
38th Matt Stopforth
39th Jackson Carter-Smith

Cadet Women’s Epee -25 fencers
9th Sally McCance
10th Amy Silk
16th Katie Boyle
19th Joanne Cole
21st Victoria Gee
25th Alana Le Comte

Results From Monday 2 July

Cadet Women’s Foil – 47 fencers
3rd Amy Silk
17th Sally McCance
27th Kim Evison
28th Alana Le Comte
39th Katie Boyle

Cadet Men’s Foil – 68 fencers
21st Chris Callus
23rd Daniel Kahu
28th Adrian VIegas
30th William Cowper
36th Mathew Hill
42nd Matt Stopforth
48th Alexander Chan
58th Oliver Evison

Results From Sunday 1 July
Cadet Women’s Sabre – 20 fencers
3rd Katie Boyle
8th Kim Evison
12th Joanne Cole

Cadet Men’s Sabre
No Results Available

Cadet Men’s Epee
No results Available

Cadet Women’s Epee
No Results Available

Fencing results up to Sunday 1July
U15 Men’s Foil 42  fencers
10th Daniel Kahu
19th William Cowper
31th Oliver Evison
32nd Matt Stoppforth

U15 Women’s Foil – 24 fencers
12th Katie Boyle
19th Alana Le Comte

U15 Women’s Epee – 14 fencers
3rd Katie Boyle
6th Victoria Gee
12th Alana Le Comte

U15 Men’s Epee – 15 fencers
3rd Alexander Chan
5th Daniel Kahu
7th Jackson Carter-Smith
11th Oliver Evison
12th William Cowper
13th Matt Stopforth

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