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2005-10-16 02:00 - 2006 Prime Minister's Athlete Scholorships
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZApplications for 2006 requested:

The Prime Ministerís Athlete Scholarship programme is a Government initiative managed by the NZ Academy of Sport. The goal of the programme is to assist talented and elite athletes achieve tertiary and vocational qualifications while pursuing excellence in sport.

Fencing New Zealand is grateful to SPARC and the New Zealand Academy of Sport for the opportunities that have been provided over the last four years for our fencers. $81,462 of scholarships have been received by fencers nominated by FeNZ.

Over this period a total of 18 annual scholarships have been awarded to 13 fencers. For this period of FeNZ partnership in the Prime Ministerís Athlete Scholarship programme, the recipients have each received and benefited from one or more of these grants to cover academic fees which include a living allowance.

The total values received by our recipients have ranged from $1,000 to $23,000. In 2005 we had 5 recipients who received a combined scholarship value of $34,105.

Click "more" for further details:
FeNZ is currently undergoing a review of its nomination and criteria for the Prime Ministerís Athlete Scholarship programme with regards the expected and required criteria, performance, and outcomes over the last four years. In the first three years FNZ did not have specific requirements for athletes to meet. In 2005 athletes were asked to participate in a minimum number of FeNZ events and activities.

FeNZ is committed to pursuing excellence in our sport as we strive to build high performance teams. FeNZ will continue to nominate athletes who conform to the principles and conditions for FeNZ to nominate our talented and elite athletes. FeNZ is calling for applications from eligible fencers for nomination by FeNZ for the 2006 Prime Ministerís Athlete Scholarships.

Applicants who are engaging in tertiary or vocational training in 2006 should have a demonstrated track record of talent and performance in the pursuit of excellence and be committed team performers. Athletes interested in being nominated must complete the application forms, supply a copy of their training and competition plans for 2006 and their plans for 2007 and 2008. The fencers must clearly state their short and long term performance goals. Athletes must be able to demonstrate their ability to meet and achieve their individual high performance goals and their abiity to work co-operatively for the benefit of our teams.

All athletes, including previous scholarship recipients must include a review of their 2005 fencing season, with regards their actual training carried out, competition performance and 2005 goals.

The 2006 Prime Ministerís Athlete Scholarship applications must be received on or before 14th November 2005, by Fencing New Zealand.. Completed applications and documentation should be posted to:

Fencing New Zealand
PO Box 5561

For the 2006 Scholarships, FeNZ will select from the applicants for nomination up to no more than 5 applicants, who FeNZ will nominate by the close of date of  5pm 1st December 2005.

Scholarship application forms can be downloaded from the  SPARC web site: 

Scholarship details:

The scholarships allow athletes to have their academic fees paid to a maximum of $10,000 per annum and receive a living allowance up to $6,000 (if studying more than 0.2 EFT per six-month period).

To be eligible for a scholarship in 2006, athletes must meet their National Sport Organisationís eligibility criteria. These criteria are being negotiated with each sport throughout the year but will be ready by November, 2005.

Athletes may enrol in any tertiary and vocational qualification that is approved by the NZ Qualifications Authority. This includes most University and Polytechnic qualifications, teaching courses and trade courses. The provider (e.g. the University or Polytechnic) of the qualification must be a New Zealand organisation.

There is one scholarship intake for all study in 2006. Athletes submit their application form according to the process outlined by their National Sport Organisation. The National Sport Organisation will receive, prioritise endorse and nominate applications to the NZ Academy of Sport by 5pm, 1 December.

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