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2005-10-12 21:05 - 2005 World Championships, Leipzig
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (International)
International2005 World Championships for our fencers:
Saturday 8th Sarah Raudkivi Womenís Individual Foil - placed 72nd out of 89.
Sunday 9th Jessica Beer, Jennifer Hope. Womenís Individual Epee placed 70th out of 132
Monday 10th Yuan (Wayne) Cui, Menís Individual Foil - placed 111th out of 142

FIE web site ( ) for information and video footage. It is also possible to subscribe for live video of championships. The championships official web site has the results as they happen,

To all our World Championship fencers, kia kaha. Be proud,  stand tall.

Click more for more details and info which will be added to as it comes to hand.

New update 13/10/05
This update 13/10/05
After querying posted Men's Foil results Yuan Cui final placing confirmed as 111th out of 142.

No teams results available yet.

This update 12/10/05
Latest results from Leipzig now show Yuan (Wayne) Cui as placing 115th out of 139 fencers. No explanation for this change from the original placings posted.

Today is the Sports Science symposium which is being attended by Daniel Chan. AWe look forward to having the 'good oil' on his return.

Team competitions will now be contested. Individual Champions and medalists are:
Womenís Foil: 1. VEZZALI Valentina ITA, 2. M‹LLER Anja GER, 3= KNAPEK Edina HUN, 3= WUILLEME Adeline FRA.
Menís Foil: 1. SANZO Salvatore ITA, 2. ZHANG Liangliang CHN, 3= BEAUDAN Nicolas FRA, 3= DEEV Andrei RUS.
Womenís Epee: 1. DMOWSKA Danuta POL, 2. VOSU Maarika EST, 3= FLESSEL-COLOVIC Laura FRA, 3= MACKAY Sherraine CAN.
Menís Epee: 1. KOLOBKOV Pavel RUS, 2. JEANNET Fabrice FRA, 3= VERWIJLEN Bas NED, 3= MOERCH Claus NOR.
Womenís Sabre: 1. TOUYA Anne Lise FRA, 2. VELIKAIA Sophia RUS, 3= BIANCO Ilaria ITA, 3= LUCCHINO Alessandra ITA.
Menís Sabre: 1. COVALIU Mihai ROM, 2. POZDNIAKOV Stanislaw RUS, 3= SHTURBABIN Oleg UKR, 3= YAKIMENKO Alexey RUS.

Of note is the Men's foil final with an Italian and Chinese fencers  facing off. Also in the Women's Epee the arrival of Sherraine MacKay (Canada) in the medals and in Men's Epee Claus Moech of Norway bringing home their first World Championship medal since Nils Koppang's double Golds in the World Junior Championships.

This update 11/10/05
Menís Foil:
Yaun Cui had 2 victories against Jose PINEDA (VEN) 5-0 and Juan J. PAZ Y MINO (ECU) 5-2. He had 4 defeats; PARK Hee Kyung (KOR) 1-5, Anatol RICHTER (AUT) 2-5, Alexandre STOUKALINE (RUS) 1-5, Santiago INDUNI (ARG) 1-5.

First round stats: 6 bouts, 2 victories, 15 hits given, 22 hits received, -7 hit difference.

Yuan (Wayne) Cui eliminated in first round of poules, final place 111th out of 142 fencers.

This update 10/10/05:
Women's Epee
132 fencers, 36 eliminated from first round. Top 16 ranked by-pass poules and enter compettion directly into the DE 64. Top 16 ranked fencers from first round poules enter directly into the DE 64 (Bye for DE of 96), 64 fencers promoting from round of poules fence a DE tableau for the last 32 places in the de tableau of 64. The loosers take places 65-96.

Jenny Hope, 3  victories against; Linda RENDEMANN (DEN) 5-2, Martina GENSER (AUT) 5-1, Mirayda GARCIA-SOTO (CUB) 5-4. 3 defeats against: Anastasia FERDMAN (ISR) 3-4, Tatyana RUBAN (Kirghizia) 4-5, Nadiya KAZIMIRCHUK (UKR) 3-5

Poule stats: 3 victories out of 6 bouts, 25 hits given, 21 received, difference 4.

DE tableau 96; loss to Olga PARTALA (Ukraine) 9-15. Eliminated DE tableau 96 final place TO BE ADVISED

Jessica Beer, 1 victory, Genevieve VANHUYSSE (BEL) 5-4, 4 defeats; Julie LEPROHON CAN) 2-5, TAN Li (CHN) 2-5, Laskmi Natal  LOZANO OLARTE (COL) 4-5,  Emel ISIK (TUK) 3-5.

Poule stats: 1 victory out of 5 bouts, 16 hits given, 24 hits received, -8 hits difference.

Eliminated first round, 109th out of 132 fencers

Menís Foil Ė 145 fencers entered:
Yuan (Wayne) Cui, currently unranked in the FIE World standings will fence in the first round poule on Monday 10th world ranked fencers Alexandre STOUKALINE (Russia) 29th, PARK Hee Kyung (South Korea) 56th, Anatol RICHTER (Austria) 102nd, Jose PINEDA (Venezuela) 179th, Juan Jose PAZ Y MINO (Ecuador) 480th, and unranked Santiago INDUNI (Argentina).

This Update 9/10/05
In the first round of Women's Individual Foil poules, Sarah Raudkivi had one victory, 5-3 against Olga YEMELYANOVA (KAZ). Magda MROCZKIEWICZ (POL) was withdrawn. Sarah had defeats against Celine SEIGNEUR (FRA) 0-5, Andreea ANDREI (ROM) 2-5, Nele SCHOUTERDEN (BEL) 3-5, and Barbara KOPPENWALLNER (AUT) giving 11 hits given and 22 received,and an indicator Ė11.

Sarah Raudkivi, eliminated, first round, placed 72nd out of 89 fencers.

Of the 89 womenís foil fencers, the top ranked 16 are exempt and by-pass the round of poules (75 fencers) and enter the competition directly into the DE tableau of 64. 19 were immediately eliminated from the first round poules leaving 54 fencers to join the top 16 in the DE of 64. Consequently, the bottom 12 fencers promoting from the poules had to fence off for the last 6 places to make up the complete DE tableau of 64 which will be fenced Sunday.

Womenís Epee Poules Ė starts Sunday 9th Octpber:

Jennifer Hope is world ranked 89th has; Nadiva KAZIMIRCHUK (Ukraine) 25th , GENSER (Austria) 62nd, Linda RENDEMANN (Denmark) 247th, and three unranked fencers, Anastasia FERDMAN (Israel), Tatyana RUBAN (Kirghizia), Martina Mirayda GARCIA-SOTO (Cuba).

Jessica Beer is world ranked 104th has; TAN Li (China) 36th, Julie LEPROHON (Canada) 45th, Genevieve VANHUYSSE (Belgium) 231st, and two unranked fencers, Laskmi Natal LOZANO OLARTE (Columbia), Emel ISIK (Turkey).

This Update 8/10/05
Sarah Raudkivi, first round pool, will have world ranked 19th Celine SEIGNEUR (FRA), 55thMagda MROCZKIEWICZ (POL), 58th Nele SCHOUTERDEN (BEL), 124th Andreea ANDREI (ROM), 129th Barabara KOPPENWALLNER (AUT ). Only Olga YEMELYANOVA (KAZ), and Sarah are unranked in her pool.

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