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2009-09-23 23:53 - New Video
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsNew "old" fencing footage, from the 1956 Olympic Games - check Information >> Gallery >> Video click here to check out the style of the 50's.

2009-06-25 00:05 - Five New Zealand Olympian Fencers Honoured
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsJune 23rd, Olympic Day. Seventeen ceremonies were held throughout New Zealand which brought together 580 of the men and women who have represented New Zealand at the world’s greatest sporting event, the Olympic Games. All of New Zealand’s one thousand one hundred and eleven Olympians were acknowledged and honoured and they or their family representative received a uniquely numbered Olympic pin.

Of New Zealand's 1,111 Olympians, five were fencers who were honoured and will receive their unique Olympian Pin. They were:

Brian Pickworth (1960), Martin Brill (1984, 1988), David Cocker (1984), Gavin McLean (1992), Jessica Beer (2004). Click on name for NZOC profile.

NZOC Picture of Olympian certificate and Pin

Image NZOC - Olympian Pin and Certificate

For more on this story click here
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2009-01-18 20:33 - AYOF Women's Epee Team medals
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsSTOP PRESS:  The NZ Women's Epee Team at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival yesterday won the bronze medal in the women's epee teams event.  The team, Sally McCance, Rebecca Cribbin, Carla Campbell and Jazmin Hopper, kept calm heads and quick hands against the Australian B team, winning the match 45-41.

Each of the girls stepped up to a new level in their fencing, picking up the timing for unanswerable single hits on hand, arm and, leg.  Great Britain won the gold medal from Australia A, 45-24.

In the men's epee team event, NZ  came 6th, losing to India 41-45 in the match for 5th and 6th place.  Great Britain again took the gold -, from Australia 45-37.

The team is now back in New Zealand after a (very) early flight home from Sydney.

That's it for Sydney and the Youth Olympic Festival.  Now for Penang.

Kate Brill
Team Manager

2009-01-15 09:20 - AYOF Team Blog Up and Running
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsAYOF Team Blog is up and running. Check it out for the latest on our fencers and the family connection to each Team member's pendant.

Fencing Team Blog click here

Send our team a message - click here

2009-01-14 21:22 - AYOF Team Welcomed in Sydney
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsIndividually carved greywacke pendants given to each member of the New Zealand AYOF team today are a symbol of team unity and spirit.

Created in New Zealand's Southern Alps and ground down to smooth river stones the greywacke pendants were collected by hand in mountain streams before being each carved with a koru design.

"Each stone is different," said Chef de Mission Barry Larsen. "Individually made, they are all of the same South Island stone. Our athletes wear these pendants and are reminded that they are part of a strong and unique team."

The pendants were handed out to to athletes and support staff at the conclusion of the Team welcome function in Syndey tonight by Beijing bronze medallist Mahe Drysdale.

Pendants are also worn by members of New Zealand's Olympic teams. For Beijing the pendants were carved from a single piece of South Island pounamu gifted by Ngai Tahu.

More AYOF stories at NZOC web site


2009-01-11 17:06 - Australian Youth Olympic Festival - NZ Team information
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsFind out about the Australian Youth Olympic Festival, results etc.

*Olympic Website*

The New Zealand Olympic Committee website has a new Australian Youth Olympic Festival 2009 look and feel, it includes News, Schedule and Results, Team List and Athlete profiles, Photo Galleries (with a purchase the photos function available in the New Year), Message the team function, and Team Blogs (each team manager will be able to blog updates during the festival). This will be a great place for family and supporters to get updates on our progress in Sydney so check it out regularly.

Visit the NZOC AYOF Team web site and leave your message of support for our team.

The fencing events have four gold medals at stake - in Individual and then Teams for Men's and Women's Epee. The increase in team size from 3 to 4 provides an overall  total field of 56 fencers competing. For each event there will now be 28 fencers lining up in 7 teams; Australia (2 teams), Great Britain, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We wish our team well - Kia kaha - Stand Tall / Be Strong.

NZ Team information follows Click here.

Other links:
AYOF Official home page - Click here.
AYOF Fencing Page - Click here.
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2008-07-22 14:06 - 2008 Beijing Olympics TVZN Fencing Web Page
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsThe 2008 Beijing Olympics is fast approaching. TVNZ website has a fencing page which  should help in finding fencing results as they occur.

Olympic Opening Ceremony 08/08/08 and fencing is from 9th to 17th August.

TVNZ Fencing Web Site - click here.

2008-01-24 21:53 - International Olympic Academy (Athens) & Olympic Youth Camp (Beijing)
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsApplications are invited from Olympic Summer Sport Federations members for the following two educational events of the Olympic Movement during 2008.

Olympic Youth Camp, Beijing
              5 – 18 August 2008
Location:          Beijing, China
Prerequisites:      Participants should be 16-18 years old and have had competition experience in their sport. Selection will be based upon sporting, civic, academic and artistic achievement. Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of Olympism and their ability to put it in to practice.
Closing Date:    10th March, 2008

48th International Olympic Academy (IOA) Session for Young Participants:
              11 – 25 July 2008
Location:          Greece (Athens and Olympia)
Prerequisites:      Participants should be 20-35 years old with interest in the Olympic Movement, the aims of the IOA as well as in current issues of Olympism. They should have a genuine interest in the educational aspects of the activities organized in the course of the session.
Closing Date:    20th February, 2008

Click here for further information and application details:
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2007-10-18 19:40 - Fencing Nomination Criteria 2008 Beijing Olympic Team
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsNew Zealand Olympic Committee  now have the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team nomination criteria for fencing available on their web site:

Please note that the FIE qualification criteria (schedule F) is a pre-requisite to the NZOC Nomination Criteria, and the full FIE document is on the FIE web site:

This information can also be found in the President's Corner

2007-10-09 00:51 - New Zealand Olympic Committee - NZOC OLYMPIC NEWS:
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsThe search is on for a Kiwi to carry the flame for New Zealand when the Olympic Torch Relay visits Australasia next year – and we need your help. As friends of the New Zealand Olympic Committee, NZOC and their sponsor Samsung are asking you to nominate who you want to be New Zealand’s torch bearer in the relay in Canberra on April 24 2008.

Any New Zealander who has shown fantastic commitment to their community could be a worthy torch bearer. To nominate, visit and click on the link. If you nominate the chosen candidate, you will win a Samsung U700V Mobile phone worth $699.

A free international exhibition comprising 110 copper, bronze and steel sculptures representing the Olympic Movement opens in Wellington on 12th October to 15 October, at Michael Fowler Centre.

click here for more information
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2005-06-14 11:43 - Thursday, June 23rd - Olympic Day
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsJune 23rd is the annual Olympic Day, to celebrate and commemorate the Olympic Spirit and Piere de Coubertin, the founder and promoter of the Modern Olyumpics.  Check out the Fun Day activities being organised in your area. If you have not heard of any activities, contact your regional Sports Trust to find out what is being organised and how to be involved. Organise your own Olympic Day Fencing Event - a day to to be involved and have active communities engaged in participating for FUN.

2005-06-08 02:36 - 2012 Olympic decision soon
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsFencing has been on the Olympic Programme since the first Modern Olympics in 1896, Athens.  Shortly the IOC will begin voting on the 2012 Olympic games. First will be the vote for the candidate cities. Nine candidates cities have applied. Five have made the shortlist. Bids (by order of final presentation): Paris, New York, Moscow, London and Madrid. They will then look at the sports to be included in the 2012 programme.

To see all click on More
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2004-08-06 09:46 - Athens 2004
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsSupport Jess.

Not long to go now for Jess - she is in Athens and training hard. Messages of support can be sent to her using the NZOC web site, on the right hand side of the home page is a panel for send the team a message. Go to

2004-05-29 11:33 - Live the Dream live with Jess at Athens
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsThe official New Zealand distributer of Athens Olympic Games tickets is Premier Events (representing Sportsworld, official Ticket & Tour Operator of the NZOC). Kate or Trish at Premier Events (09)307 0770 can help. They also have some travel and accomodation deals as well. Tickets for fencing are still available. Fencing is not in the category of sold out.

Sunday 15 August 10:00 - 14:40 Fencing Women's Individual Epee Eliminations
Women's Individual Epee Quarterfinals
Ticket price for session €20 (about $NZ40)

Sunday 15 August 18:30 - 20:40 Fencing Women's Individual Epee Semifinals
Women's Individual Epee Bronze and Gold/Silver Medal Match
Women's Individual Epee Medal Ceremony
Ticket price for session €35 (about $NZ70)

All the Athens Olympic fencing is on from 14-18 August at the Helliniko Fencing Hall.

2004-05-05 11:19 - NZOC Press Release - Jess Beer Confirmed For Olympics
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)

For the first time in history New Zealand will be represented in Fencing at the Olympic Games by a woman.
The New Zealand Olympic Committee in conjunction with Fencing New Zealand announced Auckland’s Jessica Beer in the Athens team.
Jessica won the Asia/Oceania Olympic Zone Qualifying competition held in Manila in April, qualifying in the individual women’s epee event.
She is the first female New Zealand fencer to make an Olympic team and breaks a twelve year drought for the sport at the Olympic Games, since Gavin McLean was selected for Barcelona in 1992.
New Zealand Olympic Committee Secretary General Barry Maister says it’s great to see fencing back in the team.
“We all remember the fantastic performance of Martin Brill winning an Olympic diploma in finishing seventh at the Seoul Games in 1988. Jessica has recorded many creditable international performances in recent months and we fully believe she will perform with distinction in Athens.”
Martin Brill, president of Fencing New Zealand said "In winning the women's epee event at the Asia/Oceania Olympic Qualifying Competition in April, Jessica demonstrated her tremendous commitment and determination. Her selection to the New Zealand Olympic Team is a fantastic achievement, giving her a special place in fencing history as New Zealand's first ever female Olympian fencer. To see Jessica marching in the opening ceremony at Athens will be a proud and moving moment for us all."
"She is a great role model and inspiration for our fencers, especially for those who cherish Olympic dreams."
Jessica is naturally very excited about her Olympic opportunity, "it’s overwhelming coming to terms with the reality of actually going to the Olympic Games.”
“I feel lucky to have had such close support from my mother, my family and close friends, it was such a pleasure to share my qualification with them."

The New Zealand Olympic Fencing team is:
Jessica Beer (Auckland) Individual Epee

2004-04-20 03:50 - Jessica Beer Wins Olympic Zone Qualification Comp and a trip to Athens
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsNew Zealand fencer Jessica Beer today won the Asia/Oceania Olympic Qualifying Women's Epee event in Manila.

The 24 year old vet has built an official world ranking of 141st from a year of training and competing on the European circuit. She was one of twelve contestants from twelve countries in the combined Asia/Oceania Olympic Zone event, vying for one place in women's epee.

Jessica, a World Cup bronze medal winner in Ipswitch last year comfortably beat her Thai contestant in the final 15-7, having already disposed of her semi-final opponent from Kazakstan.

She now joins an Olympic field just 36 contestants in her event who can qualify world wide.

Jessica is the first New Zealand women to ever qualify in fencing at the Olympic Games and joins the previous five men who have contested four previous Olympic Games; 1964, 1984, 1988 1992.

2004-02-03 11:19 - Olympic Zone Qualifier Manila April 2004
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsThe Asia/Oceania Zone Olympic Qualifying tournament will be held in Manila, Philipines 19-20 April 2004. Each in-zone country who have not qualiied for the Olympics via another route can send at most one competitor of a suitable standard to each event.

The Selectors have announced the selection of the following fencers  to represent NZ:

Jess Beer - Womens Epee
Sarah Raudkivi - Womens Foil

If there are other NZ fencers who feel they can meet the selection criteria outlined below they should contact the Selectors at asap
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2003-12-09 16:48 - Olympic Qualifier - Asia/Oceania Zone
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsThe Asia/Oceania Zone Olympic qualifying tournament will be held on 19-20 April 2004 in Manila, Philippines.
More details as they come to hand.

2003-10-02 17:46 - Notice opportunity to attend 2004 Athens Olympic Games
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsINTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC YOUTH CAMP (IOYC): Towards the end of this year the NZOC will be calling for nominations from Summer Olympic Federations for a young male and female athlete, between 16-18 years at the time of the Olympic Games, to participate in the International Olympic Youth Camp being held in Athens from 11-26 August 2004. The aim of the IOYC is to provide an opportunity for world youth to gather together during an Olympic period to promote international goodwill and better understand the traditional culture of the host city, thereby contributing to the creation of a peaceful world.

Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsThe New Zealand Olympic Committee's selection criteria for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games has been finalised for most sports. The Athens Games will be hosted from August 13-29 2004. A copy of the criteria and Athlete Application for Nomination forms can be downloaded at

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