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2019-03-04 16:14 - Nominations called for fencers for the Long List Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Posted by HopkinsAmanmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsFencing NZ is required to provide a Long List to the NZ Olympic Committee ("NZOC") of fencers who are hoping to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The NZOC are strict about their Olympic selection and qualification in the Zone Qualification event is not sufficient to be selected for the NZ Olympic Team.  For NZ Olympic Team selection you must show evidence of being able to beat a fencer ranked in the top 32 (maximum 3 per country) to demonstrate that you can achieve a top 16 placement at the Olympics.

Consequently you must be participating in at least TWO events that give you the opportunity to meet that criteria:

•    Participate in at least two FIE Senior competitions and beat a top 32 world ranked fencer allowing for a maximum of 3 fencers per country.
-  this means effectively that you have to reach the round of 64 as the top 32 ranked fencers are exempt from the first rounds of these competitions. A qualifying result may include beating the 33rd, 34th or 35th world ranked fencer if there are more than 3 fencers from one country in the top 32 (which is currently the case).
•    Qualify under FIE rules for a place at the Olympic Games (most likely through the Zone Qualification event)

Fencing NZ will put your name forward for the Long List if you can demonstrate that you will be attending the FIE competitions required in the Qualification Period and have qualifying results for the Asian Zone Championships.

The full Selection Criteria for Fencing is available through the following link:

Please send Nominations to

2019-01-10 18:50 - Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Posted by HopkinsAmanmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsTokyo 2020 Olympic Games - qualification period starts 3 April 2019

Expressions of interest are requested from fencers considering qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games (email

Fencers wishing to qualify should read the Selection Criteria available on the NZOC website…/Nomination-Criteria-Individual-…

The Qualification period starts 3 April 2019. Anyone wishing to qualify will need to attend various Grand Prix, World Cup and other events and demonstrate they can achieve a top 16 position at the Olympics (ie beating a top 32 ranked fencer at one of the nominated events). In addition to this, fencers have to qualify under FIE rules (either a top world ranking directly qualifying or achieving 1st or 2nd place at the Zone Qualification event in 2020).

2017-10-10 21:16 - Youth Olympics: Buenos Aires 2018
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsThe Youth Olympics will be held in Buenos Aires in 2018.

Any fencer considering nominating for this event should read the Selection Criteria set by the NZOC (here), in conjunction with the FIE qualification process. Alternatively these documents can be requested from

The New Zealand Olympic Committee selection procedure will be posted on the NZOC web site, and the FIE qualification process is available on the FIE web site

Aspiring candidates should note that all aspects of the selection criteria must be met, and the final decision on selection rests solely with the NZOC. Age restrictions apply and are set out in the FIE and NZOC document.

Fencers should also note that they must still meet FeNZ Selection Policy requirements relating to nomination for both the Asian Zone Cadet and Junior Championships 2018 and the World Cadet and Junior Championships 2018.

2017-06-10 15:22 - Fencing Receives Two Additional Medals at Olympics
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsLAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 9, 2017  — The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today granted the request of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) for two additional team events at the Olympic Games. Therefore, at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, fencing competition will comprise six individual and six team events.

“The biggest dream of many generations of fencers is now achieved,” said Alisher Usmanov, President of the FIE. “From the very beginning, I had set this goal as my main priority as FIE President. The IOC decision is the most important recognition of our long-term efforts to improve fencing, to make it more visible and popular. From now on, all of our fencers will have equal opportunities to compete at the Olympic Games. Fencers, national federations, and the entire world of fencing are tremendously grateful to the IOC Executive Board, the IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach, and the Olympic Program Commission and its President, Mr. Franco Carraro, for their decision."

2017-05-06 18:17 - 2020 Olympics
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsFIE have very kindly provided funding support for Oceania Zone to assist in qualifying fencers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Funding is assigned to the top four Senior World Cup ranked fencers, regardless of weapon. The first tranche of funding has been assigned.
Samantha Auty (Australia)  Women’s Sabre (FIE Ranking 155)
Sholto Douglas (Australia)            Men’s Foil (FIE Ranking 91)
Edward Fitzgerald (Australia)      Men’s Foil (FIE Ranking 158)
Lucas Webber (Australia)            Men’s Foil (FIE Ranking 137)

The next tranche of funding will be assigned based on Senior World rankings as at 31 August 2017.

New Zealand fencers intending to undertake a programme of qualification in order to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics are asked to contact if they wish to seek qualification and funding under the FIE/Oceania  programme.

2016-06-02 08:31 - Cheer on Ping in Shanghai
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsGood luck and the best of fencing to Ping Yuan as she heads into competition tomorrow at the Shanghai Grand Prix competition in her bid to be selected for the Rio Olympics.

Go hard Ping, we know you can do it.

Kia kaha

2016-05-03 22:40 - FROM THE PRESIDENT'S DESK Update on Ping's Olympic Progress
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsWe all acknowledge and congratulate Ping on her great result at the Asian Olympic Qualifying Round in Wuxi, China two weeks ago. Her second in Women’s Foil result means she meets the qualifying requirements for FENZ to be promoted forward to NZOC for possible selection.

So what happens now?

Myself, Ken Claridge (past President) and Vicci Lamb (Sec Gen) met with Ping and her partner (coach) Ming this last Sunday to discuss next steps.

Roughly the time line is as follows:

1.    Around May 10th NZOC should be in receipt of a letter from FIE providing official details of Ping’s qualification and “endorsing” or encouraging NZOC to consider Ping’s selection to the NZ Olympic squad for Rio.
2.    Prior to this the formal application and supporting endorsements from FENZ will be submitted to NZOC – this is a standard NZOC application but represents the formal nomination and sign off that Ping meets all the FENZ criteria for promotion to NZOC and selection.
3.    It is then over to NZOC to conduct their evaluation of Ping’s suitability to fully meet the Olympic standards and pronounce on her selection etc.

We are not sure of the exact dates for all this to be concluded but as we learn more we will keep everyone in the loop.

In the meantime we are working with Ping to finalise her Development Plan covering her training, development and funding from now until the Fencing Competitions commence on the 6th August in Rio. This is of course on the premise she is selected.

We are all keen to assist Ping to reach her objectives and in addition to support of the monetary kind from FENZ and Oceania we will be setting up some fundraising facilities so everyone can assist as best they can once we her officially she has been selected. More info on this to follow shortly.

2016-04-11 19:16 - Stop Press!!! Kiwi Ping Yuan qualifies for Rio Selection
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsIn a stunning result earlier today, Ping Yuan from Wellington, NZ, finished in the top 2 of the Women's Foil Olympic Qualifying event in Wuxi, China, putting her on the pathway to Rio.

Huge congratulations to Ping from all of NZ fencing. That is just wonderful.

2015-06-14 13:25 - Nominations - Rio Olympics Long List
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsNominations are invited from any fencer wishing to be considered for selection for the Rio Olympics to be placed on the NZOC Long List.

In addition to a nomination form, a detailed competition and training programme describing how the nominee proposes the selection criteria below will be met, must be supplied.

Nominations should be sent to no later than 5 July 2016.

Selection Criteria

The fencer is capable of achieving a top 16 placing at the Games in the Event, with the potential to win an Olympic Diploma (top 8 placing); and

The fencer has a track record of sufficient quality and depth that Fencing New Zealand believes demonstrates the fencer will be competitive at the Games and will perform creditably in the event.

In determining whether or not the fencer has met the criteria above, the Fencing New Zealand Selectors shall consider the Athlete’s performances and results in the Fencing Event(s) at which they seek to be selected for the Games in the following Key Events during the period 3 April 2015 to 24 April 2016:
    Individual Grand Prix competitions
    Individual World Cup competitions
    Satellite competitions
    Individual World Championship
    Individual Continental Championships
FIE Criteria.
The fencer must in any case qualify for the Games through the FIE Olympic Games Qualification System, either through world ranking or zone qualifying competition. (Details can be found on the FIE web site)

Some funding assistance may be available depending on world ranking and selection to attend the FIE qualifying event.

2015-03-29 18:18 - Olympics
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsFencers should be aware that the qualifying period for the 2016 Rio Olympics is 3 April 2015 - 4 April 2016.

Fencers should make themselves aware of the FIE's qualification criteria for the Rio Olympics, and these can be found on the FIE web site.

Additional NZOC criteria will also apply.

A call for Long List Athletes will be made on this site.

2014-08-17 10:02 - World Youth Olympics
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsNZ's fencer at the 2nd Youth Olympics, Sheldon Ogilvie will be fencing over the next three days.

Competition starts today and runs in the usual format of poules followed by DE for the individual. Teams are composite and mixed gender based on the outcome of the individual events.

You can keep track of progress through the competition site

2014-07-07 18:09 - Youth Olympian features in the news
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsFor those who didn't catch this here is a link to an article on Sheldon Ogilvie.

Remember, the challenge is out there do contribute to getting Sheldon to Nanjing.

2014-07-04 10:45 - Youth Olympics Challenge to All Clubs and Fencers
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsWellington Swords Club issues a challenge to all clubs and fencers to support our Youth Olympian Sheldon Ogilvie and help him to Nanjing.

WSC donates all entry fees from the recent  U13/U11  competition it ran, to support Sheldon. That is $260.00.

Can you match or better it?

Send your pledge to and we will post it here so we can see how far from out $5,000 target we are.

Come on people - lets get behind our young athlete and show our support for this great achievement.

2014-05-30 08:33 - Youth Olympics - Sheldon Ogilvie is Confirmed
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsIt is with much pleasure that FeNZ announces the selection by NZOC of Sheldon Ogilvie, to attend the 2nd Youth Olympics, to be held in Nanjing, China in August.

Sheldon, who comes from Christchurch, will compete in the men's epee.

Congratulations also to Sheldon's parents who have supported him in his fencing, and also to his coach Daniel Chan. Daniel will be supporting Sheldon in Nanjing.

Watch here for more information and how you can help support Sheldon as he prepares to head away.

Great work Sheldon. Well done!

2014-01-28 22:15 - NZOC Olympic Coaches Scholarship
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsApplications are invited from coaches interested in nominating for the Olympic Coaches Scholarship in 2014.

The NZOC may request the allocation of only one scholarship per annum and the maximum level of funding is between USD$10,000 and USD$15,000.
This programme was utilised for the first time in 2013 by Basketball. There are three
areas the scholarship may be applied for:
1. training in sports sciences,
2. sports-specific training, or
3. distance learning (e-learning).

Coaches interested in the programme should contact for the guidelines and application details.
Nominations for the scholarship close with FeNZ on 20 February 2014 at , after which the FeNZ Board will consider the applications and decide on the candidate to put forward to NZOC.

2014-01-23 21:37 - Nominations for Youth Olympics 2014
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsNominations are invited from Cadet fencers (born between 1 Jan 1997 and 31 December 1999) to be placed on the Long List for the 2014 Youth Olympics.

The qualification process follows the same format as for the Olympics, but with 2 qualifying fencers to represent the Oceania zone, in any weapon.

Fencers must be eligible for selection (and have nominated) to attend the 2014 Cadet World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, under the FeNZ selection criteria. (See earlier notification for Cadet World Championships Nomination).

Selection for the Youth Olympics is initially in terms of the FIE qualification criteria, which use the results of the Cadet World Championships. Once qualified through the FIE process, selection is then subject to the selection criteria of the NZOC.

Any fencer who meets the FeNZ criteria for selection consideration for Cadet World Championships 2014, and wishes to be included on the Long List, should contact for copies of the relevant documents relating to inclusion on the Long List.

All nominations and any enquiries should be made directly to no later than Monday 27 January 2014.

2013-09-11 21:06 - IOC - Olympic Summer Olympic Games 2020
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsAnd the winner is ... Tokyo ... 56 years after Brian Pickworth made New Zealand fencing history by stepping for the first time in to the Olympic Arena (competing in Foil, Epee and Sabre). the opportunity comes again for our Stars Of The Future to revisit Tokyo and to experience the .Olympic Spirit. To live the dream.

As well as confirming the Olympic Programme for 2020, fencing remains one of the participating Olympic Sports. Wrestling was returned, after having previously been dropped then making changes to their sport.

Finally, Jacque Rogge announced the result of the vote for the next IOC President .... Thomas Bach, a former Olympic fencing gold medalist who heads Germany's national Olympic Committee.

He is also the first gold medal-winning Olympic athlete to become IOC president, having won gold in the 1976 West German Men's Foil Team.

"I know of the great responsibility of an IOC president," Bach said. "This makes me humble. I want to lead the IOC according to my motto, `Unity and Diversity.'

"I want to be a president for all of you. This means I will do my very best to balance well all the different interests of the stakeholders of the Olympic movement. This is why I want to listen to you and to enter in an ongoing dialogue with all of you. You should know that my door, my ears and my heart are always open for you."

2012-08-23 23:08 - Olympic Fencing – Mythbusting the Shin v Heidemann Controversy
Posted by adminmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsSteve Johnson (Aussie fencer) has done an excellent job analysing the Ladies Olympic semi final epee match that made all the headlines.
If you think you really know what happend then check out steve's analysis at

2012-04-19 21:58 - Asia Oceania Zone Olympic Qualifier - Wakayama, Japan / Asian Championships
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsNew Zealand's competitor at the Asia-Oceania Olympic Qualifying event in Wakayama, Japan is William Bishop in the Men's Epee. William is set to compete on Saturday 21 April.

A couple of days later William will be joined by Seino Jongkees and they will both compete in the Men's epee event at the Asian Zone Championships. Seino is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

We wish both fencers the best of good fencing.

2011-02-28 10:29 - NZ U15 and Oceania Cadet Championships 2011
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsAuckland and Fencing North will host the upcoming Oceania Cadet Championships and NZ U15 Championshps in April.

The NZ U15 Championships will be held on Tuesday 19 April 2011 at a venue to be confirmed.

The Oceania Cadet Championships, to be contested in all three weapons and teams events, will be held on Wednesday 20 April  and Thursday 21 April 2011 at Auckland Grammar School.

A full timetable and information will be available shortly.

2010-09-05 11:41 - 1980 Moscow Olympic Team Gathering Friday 3rd Sept. 2010
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (Olympics)
OlympicsFor the first time the 99 athletes who were selected to represent New Zealand at the 1980 Olympic Games were honoured in Wellington.

While only four athletes went on to compete at the Moscow games, the full team which  includes fencer Martin Brill (Individual Epee) were acknowledged for their achievements and the contributions they have made to New Zealand sport.

The political pressure and personal intimidation to withdraw and boycott the 1980 Moscow Olympics led the fencing association to withdraw Martin, less than 12 hours after his return from three weeks of pre-olympic training and competition. "I heard of my withdrawal on the six o'clock news. No one from the Association told me".

The reunion, organised by the Olympians Club of New Zealand, was attended by more than 50 of the athletes originally selected.

Representing our Association at the function was Ken Claridge (President) who said "The personal stories were moving and the opportunity to acknowledge has been overdue. It was a wonderful occasion".

The event coincided with the opening of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Exhibition at the New Zealand Olympic Museum,  TSB Bank Arena, 4 Queens Wharf, Wellington.

The audio visual and displays include a beige brown 1980 Moscow blazer shirt and tie provided by Martin Brill, with "Fencing" on the blazer pocket. The display is worth a visit to learn about the interesting period and events surrounding the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. Entry to museum is free.

For more on this story click here Thanks to NZOC media release for details.
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