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2011-04-19 21:28 - Trophy Hunt – A National Concern!
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 A project has begun called “The Trophy Hunt” and is being run by the current Fencing Central President Bryan “Baz” Clark. He has had varying success but needs your help!

Click the link on the right to find out more...
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2010-02-12 09:40 - Upcoming Fencing Courses
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 Swordmaster courses for fencers & coaches in February and March:

27 February: Fundamental Fencing Strategies and Tactics
28 February: Advanced Fencing Strategies and Tactics

13 March: Introductory Foil Coach

For further information:

2009-11-08 18:40 - High Performance Summer Training Camp
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 High Performance Summer Training Camp

Epee and Foil
Wellpark,  14 Mills Lane,  Albany, Auckland

Date: 25th to 29th January 2010

Click for further information here
Click for entry form here

2009-08-21 21:42 - Recent OFMA Level 1 Epee Coaching Course
Posted by Susanmore from same (General)
 Fencing North and Fencing South have increased their Epee training capability. Graham Payne (coach at Auckland Swords) and David Barson (coach at Claymore Swords and Otago University) recently participated in an Oceania Fencing Master Academy (OFMA) Level 1 Epee Coach training course at the Fencing Institute in Christchurch. The course was conducted for the coaches by Maître Martin Brill, our 1988 Olympic Epee finalist, and assisted by Adrian Saw and Chris Bell in roles of very willing pupils.

The coaches Graham Payne and David Barson must now complete practical coaching and will certainly be looking for fencers interested in learning to fence epee or simply to develop epee skills further.

We thank everyone involved in making this initiative possible which ultimately increases the opportunities for our fencers.

2009-07-24 18:14 - Wellington Invitational
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 Wellington Invitational (WIFE) 2009

Weapons Check 7-7.45pm Friday 21 August
Set up 8-10am Saturday 22 August
Epee from 10am Saturday 22 August
Sabre from 12.30pm Saturday 22 August
Foil from 9am Sunday 23 August

All times are for registration.

Entries, $40 one weapon, $50 two or three weapons

Early bird entries (received before 5pm 15 August) get $15 off the standard price.

Breathable t-shirts are available at $40.00 each.

Billeting available.

Email for more information.

2009-05-11 01:08 - Congratulations to Andrew Imms NZU Coach of the Year for 2008
Posted by Susanmore from same (General)
 The New Zealand University Blues Committee has named the recipients of the presitigious Blues Awards for the 2008 academic year.  This is a very prestigeous award with recipients such as Silver Fern, Laura Langman, Olympic runner Adrian Blincoe and other amazing atheletes.  Coach Andrew Imms has been awarded the NZU Coach of the Year award for his achievements as a Fencing coach in 2008.  It is great to see Coach Imms' hard work at the tertiary fencing level being recognised with one of the highest honours.  A big congratulations to Coach Andrew Imms!

Nancy Liu
President, New Zealand University Fencing Council

2009-03-28 21:58 - NZUFC News "Auckland Pre-UniGames Fencing Training Camp"
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 Auckland had their first ever pre-UniGames training camp on Saturday 21st March at Rangitoto College, organised by the NZ University Fencing Council President, Nancy Liu.  This camp is run for NZ university fencers, by NZ university fencers.  The main aim of the camp is to prepare university fencers for their most exciting annual University event: UniGames!

The camp concentrated on fitness, basic foot- and blade-works.  AUF and SJL club based Coach Andrew Imms, taking into the consideration of the expensive hall hirage (and poor university students), ran the training camp on behalf of the fencing council FREE OF CHARGE!!!  This was most appreciated by all who attended.  University fencers are very privileged to have Coach Andrew Imms based in Auckland and generously donating his time for university fencing.

2008-05-10 16:47 - 4 - 8 July Malaysian Open Fencing Championships
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 Information can be downloaded here:

Letter of Invitation from the Malaysian Fencing Federation
Competition Information

2007-02-22 13:34 - SPARC Coaching Conference, Wellington, 25-27 May 2007
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (General)
 Connecting Coaches 2007

SPARC (Sport & Recreation New Zealand) extends a warm welcome to New Zealand coaches of all levels, from community to high performance teams and individuals, to join other like minds in Wellington for the Connecting Coaches 2007 convention.

For more details on the highlights of the convention click ------> More
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2006-12-18 21:48 - NZ Sports DIsputes Tribunal Minute 15/15/06 Re Cannibas Sanctions
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (General)
To: National Sports Organisations - Re: Cannabis sanctions

Purpose of Minute: The SDTNZ has reviewed it's approach to  anti-doping violations involving cannabis.

The full details of the minute to sports can be found in  "President's Corner - Anti-Doping", or at

In conclusion, this Minute is to advise athletes of a general change in approach.  It should be heeded.  It is not prescriptive and the Tribunal may depart from it in circumstances which warrant that in the interests of justice.  It will be a measure for the Tribunal and the athlete concerned.

Honourable B. J. Paterson QC (Chair, Sports Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand), 15-12-2006

2006-11-29 10:45 - SwordMaster – Invitation to Clubs/Coaches - 9 Dec, Christchurch
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (General)
 9th December 2006, 10am, at The Fencing Institute, Jack Hinton Drive, Christchurch.

A New Zealand fencer development programme is now available to clubs and coaches from SwordMaster. This introduction is for all interested Clubs/Coaches. It is the opportunity to find out about enhancing the training of fencers with structured fencer training. The introduction will be conducted by French trained, SwordMaster Coaching Director, Maitre Martin Brill.

There will be opportunity for wider discussion for coaches on general coaching and club organisation “Questions and Answers” and to share your experiences with eachother. Bring your questions, concerns and sense of humour. This is for coaches and anyone involved with training in clubs. It will be serious and it will be fun.

It is also an opportunity to hear of the Commonwealth and World Championship and in particular from the Team Captain of the successful Commonwealth Championship Women’s Epee team which won the Gold medal – the first Commonwealth Medal in over 30 years.

This session is free. No Charge. No obligation. Thank you to The Institute for making their venue available.

Please confirm intention to participate to

Date: December 9th 2006
Time: 10am -12:30
Place: The Fencing Institute, Jack Hinton Drive, Christchurch.

If you are not able to attend, another Introduction Session can be arranged at another time and place on request to the above email address.

2006-08-15 18:01 - SPARC High Performance Strategy 2006-2012
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (General)
 Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) today released the findings and recommendations of its High Performance Strategy 2006-2012, a blueprint for its approach to investing in high performance sport in New Zealand in the coming years.

The strategy, developed during the past eight months, is based on a comprehensive analysis of New Zealand’s high performance structures and systems. The review analysed the delivery structure and support programmes at a national and regional level.

SPARC’s goal is to create a world-class high performance system that provides the leadership, resources and support services that enable athletes and teams to win in events that matter to New Zealand.

SPARC has identified eight strategies aimed at streamlining and improving the efficiency of New Zealand’s high performance system.

“The overall goal of these strategies is to increase the international competitiveness of New Zealand’s athletes and teams; to foster a ‘performance-focussed’ culture in high performance sport; and to ensure SPARC invests for the long term in results capable sports in order to develop their depth of talent to ensure they can win in events that matter to New Zealand,” said SPARC Chief Executive Nick Hill.

“At the end of the day, in the realm of high performance sport, it’s all about winning. As the leader of New Zealand’s high performance system, SPARC is focussing its resources on the sports that are capable of achieving that goal,” Hill added.

For a copy of SPARC’s High Performance Strategy 2006-2012, visit the SPARC website at

2006-03-10 11:42 - University Sprort NZ Chef De Mission
Posted by Brillmartmore from same (General)
 University Sport NZ wishes to appoint its Chef de Mission for the 2007 World University Games in Bangkok. The Chef de Mission (Head of Delegation) will lead the New Zealand team that will attend the 24th World University Games in Bangkok, Thailand, on 8-18 August 2007. It is expected that the team will be the largest ever with around 150 athletes and officials competing in approximately 10 sports. A detailed Position Description can be downloaded from

2005-12-09 15:16 - NEW ZEALAND MASTERS GAMES Dunedin February 2006
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 A veterans fencing competition will be held as part of the Masters Games over the long weekend of the 4th, 5th and 6th of February, 2006, in Dunedin at the Otago Boys High School. The programme is intended to interest both the competitive and the recreational fencer, with modern electric and classic visual events. The weapons will be electric foil, electric epee, visual foil and visual sabre. It is hoped that most fencers will enter all weapons. Registration for the competition must be through the Masters Games administration process. Either phone +64 3 474 1429 to request a Registration Booklet, or go on line at both to register and to obtain more information about the age groups for medals, fencing rules and safety requirements.

2005-07-03 22:38 - World Student Games
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 Congratulations to the three NZ fencers anounced as part of the NZ World University Student Games Team for 2005.
The fencers are:
Sarah Raudkivi (Auckland)
Andreas Sesun (Caterbury)
Laura Harvey (Auckland)
The World University Games (or Universiade) are held every 2 years. The next Games are being staged by the city of Izmir in Turkey on 11-21 August 2005.

2004-10-27 19:24 - Sabre Training in the USA
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 Invitation from Ted Smith, US Team coach from Sacramento, Northern California, to New Zealand sabreurs. Best time to train in Sacramento will be in new year. Then 29-30 January 2005 is the "Duel In The Dessert", in Las Vegas. Typical weekly training cost would be about $US200 + $US100 for home stay.

Interested? Please contact

2003-09-29 17:56 - DRUGS OFF BANNED LIST FROM 1 JAN 2004
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 Drinking too much coffee or taking a common cold tablet will no longer get athletes disqualified from the Olympic Games for a doping offence as from 1 Jan 2004. A positive test for marijuana however will still result in a drug penalty. That's the scenario under the new global list of banned substances drawn up by the World Anti Doping Agency. Caffeine and pseudoephidrine, an ingredient of the cold remedy Sudafed are removed from the banned category and marijuana (cannabis) is added.

2003-07-08 23:18 - NZ Masters Games
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 NZ Masters Games in Dunedin 31 January to 8 February 2003. Fencing - events are Classic Foil (visual), Classic Sabre (visual) and Team Foil (visual). Sat 7 and Sunday 8 February.

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2003-05-27 10:11 - Training/Development Opportunity Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A
Posted by adminmore from same (General)
 FeNZ has received an open invitation from Andrea Lagan, former NZ Epee champion and now a National Cadet coach in the USA, to host NZ fencers who would like to visit for training and to compete in some american competitions.  This is an excellent opportunity to quickly develop skills and broaden fencing horizons. If you would be interested in going as an individual or part of a group contact FeNZ for further information.

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