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2018-03-17 18:32 - Nominations for Managers and Coaches for CJCFC 2018
Posted by HopkinsAmanmore from same (International)
InternationalApplications are called for a Manager and Coaches for a team of Cadet and Junior fencers attending the Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Commonwealth Championships, to be held in Newcastle, England from Monday 23rd July to Monday 30th July (team will be required to be there a few days earlier).
Information on the tournament can be found on

Applications close on 27th March 2018

Please email for further information.

2018-03-16 09:15 - Asian Zone Championships 2018 - Selected athletes
Posted by HopkinsAmanmore from same (International)
InternationalCongratulations to the athletes who have been selected to fence at the Asian Zone Championships in 2018.

William Bishop - Epee
Anna Chalton - Epee
Hamish Bulmer - Sabre
Adam Burrough - Sabre
Daniel Keleghan (Provisional) - Foil
Matthew Baker (Provisional) - Epee

2018-03-06 20:39 - Commonwealth Cadet & Junior Championships
Posted by HopkinsAmanmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZNominations are called for the Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Championships to take place from 23 to 30 July 2018 in Newcastle, England.

Nominations will close on 18th March 2018.

Selection Criteria:
The Selectors will take into account the short notification period for this tournament.The Selection Policy 2017, Section 1.5 (Cadet) & Section 2.5 (Juniors) published on the FeNZ website (See download documents), is to be followed with the following caveats:

1) Non participation in compulsory events may not be a reason for non-selection.
2) The Tier 3 requirement to have 2 more years to fence at that category will be ignored.
3) The selection period will extend back over the last 12 months from the closing date of 18th March, taking into account that the stated " least two of the following..." required events may not have been attended.

The selectors can select up to a maximum of Five fencers per weapon per gender.

We encourage you to look at the minimum Tier 3 points required and talk to your coach about your eligibility to nominate and be selected.

Apply on the standard FeNZ nomination form found on the FeNZ website (Download / Forms) and sent to

2018-03-06 20:32 - Mixed Events - Commonwealth Preparation
Posted by HopkinsAmanmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZAfter receiving feedback on its February decision to trial mixed (male and female) events at national competitions in 2018, the FeNZ Board has decided to postpone introducing the trial.  The FeNZ Board remains committed to giving female fencers opportunities to gain more competitive experience domestically but acknowledges the legitimate concerns raised.

Certain aspects of the trial have to be worked through further to ensure the safety and welfare of all participating fencers as well as understanding and minimising the impact on ranking points and potential selections.  Given that the initiative was aimed at helping female fencers prepare for important international competitions later this year, the Board will undertake its consultation and review with urgency, to allow a revised proposal to be considered at the Board’s next meeting on 1 April.

2018-03-03 20:42 - AFC#1, Brisbane, Entries now Open
Posted by HopkinsAmanmore from same (Australia)
AustraliaAustralian Fencing Circuit event of 2018 - the DH McKenzie Tournament (AFC#1), incorporating the Australian U/23 Championships (Epee only).
This event will be held in Brisbane from 13 to 15 April 2018 -

2018-03-02 18:55 - National Training Camp - enrol now!
Posted by Fencing New Zealandmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZRegistrations are open for a National Training Camp that will be delivered by Viacheslav Bobok and Anya Kamynina in Wellington from 17-19 April 2018. The camp is open to U15, Cadet, Junior Senior and Veteran foil and epee fencers. Overseas fencers are welcome. For further information and to register go to the Fencing Central website homepage:

2018-03-02 18:54 - NZ Under 15 & Under 17 Fencing Champs
Posted by Fencing New Zealandmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZEntries are open for the NZ Under 15 & Cadet Fencing Championships which are to be held in Wellington 21-24 April. For further information and to enter go to the Fencing Central website homepage:

2018-02-22 21:46 - FeNZ AGM - Reminder to Vote
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZA reminder to all financial members over 18 yrs of age. You should have received your voting papers by now and these must be returned to no later than 5.00 pm Sunday 25 February 2018.

For those NZers who wish to join the meeting, contact your region to get the location of your skype in.

Overseas members should contact the Secretary General to arrange a skype link.

2018-02-18 16:19 - Mixed Events - Commonwealth Preparation
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZIn order to provide greater opportunities for fencers to prepare for the forthcoming Commonwealth Championships, both Cadet/Junior and Senior, all FeNZ events i.e. NI, SI, President's Cup, National Championships and national Cadet (U17), and Junior  (U20) Championships will incorporate a mixed gender event in place of the Men's events.

Where female fencers enter a mixed event, they must also enter the corresponding women's event for that weapon, where there are sufficient numbers (min 6 fencers) for an event to be held.

Regions have been asked to follow the same approach for their regional and local competitions.

The effectiveness of this approach will be reviewed by the FeNZ Board at the end of the year.

2018-02-10 14:32 - President's Cup 2018 - date change
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZPlease note that the dates for the 2018 President's Cup in Wellington have been changed to 7-8 July 2018.

This is to enhance training opportunities for fencers heading to the Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Championships later in July.

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