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2018-02-22 21:46 - FeNZ AGM - Reminder to Vote
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZA reminder to all financial members over 18 yrs of age. You should have received your voting papers by now and these must be returned to no later than 5.00 pm Sunday 25 February 2018.

For those NZers who wish to join the meeting, contact your region to get the location of your skype in.

Overseas members should contact the Secretary General to arrange a skype link.

2018-02-18 16:19 - Mixed Events - Commonwealth Preparation
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZIn order to provide greater opportunities for fencers to prepare for the forthcoming Commonwealth Championships, both Cadet/Junior and Senior, all FeNZ events i.e. NI, SI, President's Cup, National Championships and national Cadet (U17), and Junior  (U20) Championships will incorporate a mixed gender event in place of the Men's events.

Where female fencers enter a mixed event, they must also enter the corresponding women's event for that weapon, where there are sufficient numbers (min 6 fencers) for an event to be held.

Regions have been asked to follow the same approach for their regional and local competitions.

The effectiveness of this approach will be reviewed by the FeNZ Board at the end of the year.

2018-02-10 14:32 - President's Cup 2018 - date change
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZPlease note that the dates for the 2018 President's Cup in Wellington have been changed to 7-8 July 2018.

This is to enhance training opportunities for fencers heading to the Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Championships later in July.

2018-02-09 09:59 - World Cadet and Junior Championships athletes
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZCongratulations to the athletes who will attend the Cadet and Junior World Championships in Verona, Italy.

Chantelle May    Cadet, Junior Women's Foil
Lena Jacob          Cadet, Junior women's Foil
Nick Henderson  Junior Men's Foil

2018-02-09 09:53 - Call for Coaches for Cadet/Junior World Championships
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZCoaches wishing to be considered for appointment to the Manager/Coach role for the team going to the Cadet and Junior World Championships in Verona, Italy are asked to forward their details and a statement of their experience in Team Management at World Championship level and coaching experience relevant to the three athletes attending the competition.

Applications should be directed to no later than 14 February 2018.

2018-01-31 21:24 - Commonwealth Cadet and Juniors 2018 - Confirmed
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZThe Commonwealth Fencing Federation have just confirmed that the bid from England Fencing to host the 2018 Commonwealth Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships has been accepted.

The event will run between the 23rd and 30th July 2018 inclusive in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Further information will be available in the near future by visiting the official website (it is in the process of being set up, so donít be concerned if you visit it and find there is no information posted there yet!).

Further details in relation to FeNZ selection processes will be posted shortly.

Potential nominees should refer to the recent posting on this site of refreshed selection policy and guidance

2018-01-27 15:42 - Asian Zone Senior Championships 2018
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (International)
InternationalNominations are called for from fencers wishing to be considered for selection to compete at the Asian Zone Senior Championships.

Selection will be in terms of the Selection Policy that can be found in the downloads section of this site.

Nominations close with on 2 March 2018 and should be made on the nomination form also found in the downloads section of this site.

2018-01-16 21:02 - Selection Policy document updated
Posted by adminmore from same (Australia)
AustraliaThe selection policy document has been reissued with the Commonwealth 2014 reference removed and replaced with a generic Commonwealth selection policy.
It was not the intention to review the selection policy at this time, merely to make it relevant for the Commonwealth events scheduled in the immediate future.

2018-01-15 21:16 - Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Championships 2018
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (FeNZ)
FeNZWe have in the past few days been informed by the Commonwealth Fencing Federation (CFF) that a Cadet and Junior championships will most likely be held in England this coming July 2018.  This news varies from the advice given by CFF as late as November last year.

We are mindful that coaches, fencers and parents will have made plans to take part in competitions and not others on the basis there was not going to be a  Commonwealth Championship this year.  As a result, and to give everyone the opportunity to meet the qualifying standard, we wanted to communicate this recent information now although it is not 100% confirmed.  We would encourage you to read the Selection Policy which can be found here

Nominations will close on 24 April 2018 immediately following the NZ Cadet Championships.

Once we have confirmation from the CFF on the final decision we will provide a further update. This is likely to take several weeks.

2018-01-14 17:44 - Oceanic and Australian Juniors - reminder
Posted by Lambviccmore from same (Oceania Zone)
 Junior (U20) fencers are reminded that the Oceanic / Australian Juniors in Melbourne in February 2018 require a completed nomination and that selection will be in terms of the Selection Policy (see downloads section for nomination form and Selection Policy).

Once selection is confirmed, the Australian entry portal is now open and fencers must enter through the portal.

Where numbers allow, a New Zealand team will be entered in the teams events.

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